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The Dorset Funeral Plan

The Dorset Funeral Plan

The Dorset Funeral Plan is a pre-paid funeral plan which enables you to choose what kind of funeral you’d like instead of your family and friends having to guess. By paying now you can spare your relatives a financial burden at the time of your death. You can choose a set plan or we can create a bespoke plan to suit your individual priorities.

You pay today’s price, regardless of when the funeral may be needed and can opt to do so through a one-off payment or through regular installments. The payments are placed in the Funeral Planning Trust with the Capita Trust Company Limited as custodian trustee.

Your funeral will be provided by one of our local, independent funeral directors, but if you move away you can transfer your plan through a network of professional firms across the UK.

There’s no age limit and we won’t ask any questions about your health.

There’s flexibility to amend the plan if you change your mind later.

“Most of us, as we get older, expect to provide money to meet our funeral expenses. We’re not morbid. It’s to do with independence and responsibility. We want to leave everything in order for our relatives and friends. We don’t often talk about it – because there’s no need to – but the fact is that funerals cost money, and we want to take care of the cost.”

View the Dorset Funeral Plan site for more information