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We are extremely proud and happy to announce the renovation of our AE Jolliffe & Son branch, in Ferndown, which will be completed in time for our centenary year in 2022.

Following the successful redevelopment of our Lesley Shand branch in Corfe Mullen that saw an entire rebuild of the premises and which has proved hugely popular. We decided that only by investment and innovation will we remain the funeral director of choice in the communities we serve. Therefore, we got in contact with DMW Architects, NT Surveying and Greendale Construction to plan and develop a state-of-the-art facility for our families.

Holding onto the past while simultaneously moving forward is something, Douch Family Funeral Directors does well and it has been a formula that has led us to sustained growth over the years. With our Ferndown branch going into its centenary year in 2022, we felt it was perfect timing to invest in our community.

Our families have and always will be our number one priority, during the development, the business will continue as usual and our personal, sympathetic service will remain unhindered.

For more updates and photos on the refurbishment of AE Jolliffe & Son, check this page weekly and follow our social media.


Top hats off, Hard hats on 

Our funeral directors have swapped their suits for high-vis jackets and their canes for garden spades. What a transformation.

Our Ferndown branch is looking really different. We can’t quite believe the sheer size of the site! A lot of trees and forestry have been removed which has opened up space massively. The perimeter is covered in green fencing and our boards are up, go check them out if you’re in the neighborhood.

Our anticipation is already building, is yours?


No going back now…

The excavator has made its move. We waved goodbye to our old buildings as they were ripped apart by a demolition excavator! From a safe distance behind the construction fences, we were able to witness the demolishing of the old garages, workshops, and chapel of rest. What a surreal feeling!


Slowly but surely…

The buildings have gone, the site is empty. This all feels pretty crazy to us. Business is running as usual and everyone is very excited watching the progress through the back windows as the guys at Greendale start on the concrete foundations.


Back in business…

After what feels like an eternity, we are BACK! Unfortunately, the building work was put on pause, as we awaited service disconnections from SSE & SGN. Most of the outbuildings had been demolished, apart from one section. We weren’t able to demolish this section as there was still an electricity supply line connected to the building.
The supply line couldn’t simply be disconnected, as it would’ve made the electricity pole unsafe. Unfortunately, there were many hoops out of our control to go through before SSE could’ve completed this task however it was completed and our guys over at Greendale were able to crack on the build again after nearly 3 months of hiatus!

We got to have a tour last week of the site. Everything is back to business, the scaffolding is up and they have made great progress on the side extension.


Long time, no blog…

A lot has happened over at the Ferndown site. Our wonderful team over at Jolliffe’s have moved into their temporary office which can be located on the front driveway of the site. The staff managed to make the transition to the temp office in just 2 days! A very exhausting couple of days but they managed to pull it off, they truly are brilliant. Whilst we are talking about brilliant people, a big shoutout to our Corfe Mullen branch for handling back-office duties for other branches and also hosting chapel visits on their site for 3 branches, including theirs whilst all the building work is going on. We have some great teams at Douch!



Dorset View…

Did you catch us in the Jan 2022 edition of Dorset View? Well, we’re in there on page 4 with a mini-interview from our Ferndown team answering some questions about the refurbishment. Check it out below 👇


Last visit of 2021…

We had our last visit to the site on the 22nd December, building work will start again in the new year on 4th January. We are hoping for completion in July 2022, how exciting!

The main building has now been reconfigured and is currently drying out. The side extension is watertight with windows fitted and the first electrical and plumbing fixes complete. Outback the steel frames are erected ready for the blockwork to start in January when the guys return from Christmas.