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How do you arrange a funeral?

The first part of any funeral service arrangement is finding a local funeral director. A funeral director will help you find a venue and put together an order of service. We understand that this can be a painful and stressful time. This is why our funeral directors in Dorset will do everything we can to support you when arranging a funeral.  

Who is responsible for arranging a funeral?

Funeral service arrangements are normally carried out by the deceased’s executor. An executor is a person that’s named in the will, who is then responsible for a person’s estate and funeral. Anyone can be an executor, but it is normally a close family member or friend. If you’re named as someone’s executor and need help with any funeral plans in Dorset, get in contact with us at Douch Family Funeral Directors. 

How long after death is a funeral?

Normally, a funeral service will take place a few weeks after someone passes away. However, this time frame will sometimes vary depending on the circumstances. It’s recommended that as soon as someone passes away, you should contact a local funeral director to begin making funeral service arrangements 

What documents do you need to give a funeral director?

Our funeral directors in Dorset require a death certificate or ‘green form’ before we can proceed with the service. To receive a death certificate, you will need to register the death of a loved one with the Dorset registration service. 

Who is responsible for funeral costs?

In most cases, the estate of the deceased covers the cost of a funeral service. It is common for people to set aside money in their will to cover the cost of a funeral. Funeral service prices vary depending on the type of service you choose. At our local funeral directors, we offer flexible funeral plans in Dorset, giving you the freedom to choose the memorial suitable for your loved one.  

Do you need a death certificate for a funeral?

Yes, before any funeral can take place you will need to provide your local funeral director with a death certificate. Contact the Dorset registration service and they will help you provide all necessary documents to our funeral directors in Dorset. 

What does a funeral director do?

A funeral director is responsible for helping families with all funeral service arrangements. They will arrange where and when the memorial service will take place. Our family funeral directors will also help you decide whether you should choose a cremation or burial service. All our funeral directors in Dorset will provide guidance on other funeral service arrangements such as flowers and music.  

Are you looking for a funeral director in Dorset to help with funeral service arrangements? At Douch Family Funeral Directors we have helped thousands of families give their loved ones a perfect send-off. Get in contact with us today by calling 01202 367307