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Discover more information on memorial keepsakes and ashes keepsakes in our FAQs.

What is a memorial keepsake?

A memorial keepsake is an item or object that a person keeps in memory of a loved one lost. There are many types of memorial keepsakes available today. The most common types include: a keepsake bracelet, cuddle stone, a memorial candle holder, and keepsake urns.

What is an ashes keepsake?

An ashes keepsake is a type of memorial keepsake designed to hold a small amount of loved one’s ashes. Also known as a keepsake urn, these come in the form of keepsake bracelets, pieces of art, and smaller urns for ashes.

How do you fill an ashes keepsake?

To fill an ashes keepsake, first make sure you are wearing gloves. This will avoid the ashes getting stuck to your hands in case any are spilt. Then, take your container or plastic bag in which you have stored the ashes and carefully pour these into your keepsake urn. If you are transferring ashes into a keepsake bracelet, use a funnel that is the right size and complete the same process.

What is the best keepsake to remember someone?

The best keepsake gifts to remember a loved one will vary for each individual. Memorial keepsakes include keepsake bracelets or jewellery and ashes keepsakes to store cremated remains. People also tend to choose memorial candle holders, which you can light in honour of your loved one.

We have a beautiful range of memorial keepsakes to remember someone that you have lost. These are sourced from high-quality brands to ensure you can make their memory last a lifetime. Whether you are looking for keepsakes, larger urns, memorial jewellery and more, you can shop these online at Urns & Keepsakes. If you need any guidance with selecting a product to match your loved one, contact us by calling 01202 367 308 or [email protected].

What is a good remembrance gift?

Memorial keepsakes and ashes keepsakes are good choices for remembrance gifts. These items or objects are there to serve as a long-term reminder of the person who has passed away. Each individual will find their own sentimental value in a keepsake. These could be photographs, urns, jewellery, candles, and more.

What can you do with an ashes keepsake?

You can use an ashes keepsake to keep the memory of a loved one lost alive for years to come. Those who have chosen memorial jewellery may choose to wear this as a daily reminder. You might also choose a scattering urn for ashes, this type of keepsake urns is often tube-shaped and is ideal for dispersing ashes.