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Learn the answers to frequently asked questions on funeral urns for ashes, ashes caskets and the range of cremation urn materials available for your loved one.

What kind of cremation urns can be buried?

You can bury urns for ashes made from metal or cultured materials such as marble and granite. These can withstand the pressure of soil underground far longer than a cremation urn made of clay or weaker materials. Alternatively, biodegradable urns made with non-toxic resources are also suitable for burial. They degrade over time in the earth and do not pollute or damage the ground. Biodegradable urns are becoming more and more popular because of their environmentally friendly factor.

What size cremation urn do I need?

On average, the size of a cremation urn is calculated by a cubic inch of space for every pound of a person’s weight. For example, if a person’s total weight is 170lbs, then the urn size will need to be 170 cubic inches or bigger. An urn with a capacity of 3litres plus is suitable for the cremated remains of an average size adult.

When purchasing online, you will typically see descriptions that say  ‘adult urn’ or ‘small urn’. These can help you determine more easily whether the size of the urn is a suitable size for your requirements.

You can purchase a range of cremation urns online at our Urns & Keepsakes shop. These are made of high-quality materials and available in many colours, sizes, and designs. For product guidance or help with specifications, contact us. You can get in touch by calling 01202 367 308 or emailing [email protected].

How long do ashes last in an urn?

As long as the seal is strong, cremated remains tend to last in an urn for hundreds to thousands of years. This will be different however if the urn for ashes is buried underground or in water. Depending on the material, a biodegradable urn can take anywhere from 1 to 25 years to decompose in soil. Funeral urns for ashes scattered in the ocean will degrade much more quickly.

If you want to preserve the remains for a lifetime, the best recommendation is to store them in a durable urn at home.

What’s the difference between an urn and an ashes casket?

The difference between an urn and ashes casket is that an ashes casket is most often in a box shape, whereas an urn is the vessel cremated remains are stored in. Funeral urns for ashes can come in all shapes and designs. More traditional urns come in a vase-like shape which many display as an ornament.

Does an urn or casket hold the full amount of adult ashes?

Whether an urn or ashes casket can hold a full amount of adult ashes will depend on the size. Small urns or mini urns will not have the capacity to hold an adults cremated remains. An adult urn on the other hand will be designed to hold this amount. You can find both caskets and funeral urns for ashes in a variety of sizes.

What are urns made out of?

You can find urns for ashes made in various types of materials. These range from biodegradable urns made of eco-friendly materials to ceramic urns, marble, bamboo and more. Ceramic urns are a popular choice as they can have finishes applied to offer an attractive aesthetic. This is most often how bronze urns for ashes are created.

View a stunning selection of bronze urns for ashes online at urns & keepsakes. These designer urns are true works of art made by the renowned ceramist Geert Kunen. For more information on our funeral products, get in touch with us by calling 01202 367 308. You can also email [email protected] with your enquiry.

Can cremation urns be engraved?

Yes, it is possible to have cremation urns engraved. You can personalise urns for ashes either on a plaque or directly onto the urn. Not all funeral product suppliers will have personalisation features available on urns. It is always recommended you check if this is possible before purchasing.

At Urns & Keepsakes, we offer a range of cremation urns and ashes caskets suitable for engraving. You can find information on this in our product descriptions and leave your engraved message in the comments section when you check out. Please note, not all products are suitable for engraving.

What should I engrave on an urn?

You can engrave on an urn whatever message or inscription you prefer. These are often personal messages, nicknames, dates, or even artwork. It is best to keep the text you engrave shorter as this is more readable and maintains the beauty of the urn.

How much does it cost to engrave an urn?

The cost to engrave an urn will vary depending on the material of the urn, its size and your request. Lazer engraving is typically used for metal, stone, and wooden urns, whilst ceramic urns have lettering that is fired-on or glazed over. Larger adult urns are likely to cost more to engrave than mini urns.

At Urns & Keepsakes, all engraving costs are included in the product price. You can find out if an urn or funeral product has personalisation features available in the product descriptions.

What is the best type of urn to buy?

The best type of urn for ashes to buy will be unique to each individual. Ceramic urns are the most widely used urn as the material is versatile for applying finishes and designs. Biodegradable urns made of sustainable wooden materials are also becoming more popular. This is because wooden urns are less harmful to the environment for cremation urn burials. Designer urns made to look like pieces of art or crafted from luxury materials are also another urn type many opt for.

You can find urns for ashes in a wide variety of materials, sizes, colours and designs. Whether you need an adult urn in marble, or are looking for something more special for your loved one, we have a beautiful selection of funeral products. Discover funeral urns for ashes online and call 01202 367 308 or email [email protected] for any product assistance or help with personalisation.