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How to Insure Your Memorial Stone in 3 Easy Steps

Ensuring that the memorial stone of your loved one is safeguarded against possible damages and loss is imperative. StoneGuard ‘All Risks’ Insurance provides comprehensive coverage against a multitude of risks for a duration of five years. Follow this simple three-step guide to insure your memorial stone easily and effectively.

1. Determine the Value

  • For New Stones: The cost you paid to the funeral director or stonemason.
  • For Older Stones: You may need to obtain a report from a stonemason detailing the replacement value of the stone.

2. Check Premium Cost

  • Refer to our premium table below to find out the one-off insurance cost based on the value of your memorial stone.

3. Apply for Coverage

  • Download or print and complete the application form from our website (see link below)
  • Send the form, along with your insurance premium amount, to the specified address on the application form.
Memorial Stone Value Premium
Up to - £400 £25
£401 - £500 £30
£501 - £600 £34
£601 - £750 £42
£751 - £1,000 £50
£1,001 - £1,250 £62
£1,251 - £1,500 £74
£1,501 - £1,750 £86
£1,751 - £2,000 £99
£2,001 - £2,500 £121
£2,501 - £3,250 £142
£3,251 - £4,000 £179
£4,001 - £4,750 £214
£4,751 - £5,500 £247
£5,501 - £6,250 £280
£6,251 - £7,000 £314
£7,001 - £8,000 £358
£8,001 - £9,000 £404
£9,001 - £10,000 £448
Protect the memory of your loved one with memorial insurance

Of course, you will care for the grave of a loved one. But who will safeguard the memorial and repair or replace it should damage occur over the years? We understand the importance of making sure that your loved one’s memorial is protected against damage. That is why we offer our clients a memorial insurance policy designed to safeguard their loved one’s memorial against the most common accidents and damage.

Safe guarding your memorial for the years to come

Many people choose to purchase a memorial for a loved one to provide a special place for family and friends to visit, lay flowers and spend time remembering. Whilst it is impossible to prevent any damage happening to a memorial stone, it is important to safeguard the memorial to ensure it can be repaired or replaced if any damage should occur. We work with StoneGuard® Insurance so that this is the case.

Common damage to memorials

Subsidence, theft, accidental damage, damage from falling trees, vandalism, storm damage, graffiti and impact damage are the typical forms of damage that memorial insurance can safeguard from happening.

Subsidence and accidental damage, in particular, are very common issues. StoneGuard® headstone and gravestone insurance can ensure damage, from minor repairs to total replacement, is rectified very quickly from as little as £6.20 a year.

StoneGuard® Insurance has been the original and leading Memorial Stone Insurance provider for over 30 years and is available through all our funeral director branches.

If you have any questions about memorial stone insurance, please call 01202 367 307 to discuss these with one of our team.

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