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A direct cremation funeral also known as an unattended cremation funeral is a modern and cost-effective alternative to a traditional cremation funeral service. It’s perfect for those who wish to remember their loved one in their own way with a private ceremony. The cremation takes place completely separately from a personal farewell that you may wish to hold.

What does a direct & unattended cremation include?

We carry out your wishes for a direct funeral service by ensuring that your loved one is given a dignified and respectful funeral with our high quality and standard of service. Find out more about how much our funeral packages in Dorset cost.

A direct and unattended cremation funeral service in Dorset with Douch Family Funeral Directors starts from £1,295 and is an entirely direct funeral service, with no mourners, family attending or ceremony. The package includes a vehicle to convey the person to our premises from their place of death. We care for the person until the direct cremation and attend to all necessary arrangements and paperwork. The remains can be dispersed in the Gardens of Remembrance in the Crematorium Grounds or collected within 28 days.

Can I hold a private ceremony?

We appreciate that this is your last chance to say goodbye and you are welcome to request separate personal services we offer such as flowers, catering or service sheets. You can also read our guide to find out suggestions on what to do with ashes after an unattended funeral where you’ll find ideas from scattering ashes at sea to turning ashes to diamonds.

If an unattended funeral doesn’t sound right for you:

If you wish to have a different funeral service in Dorset, Douch Family Funeral Directors also offer traditional funerals, Douch chapel exclusive funerals and simple funerals. Read about the pre-paid funeral plans we offer.

Enquire about a direct cremation funeral in Dorset with Douch Family Funeral Directors by calling us on 01202 367 307 or by email [email protected]. Alternatively, you can fill out an online contact form and we will contact you. For additional support, contact your local branch to find out about joining one of our bereavement support groups across Dorset.

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