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At Douch Family Funeral Directors, we understand that the interment of ashes is a deeply personal and emotional experience. Our dedicated team is here to support you every step of the way, providing compassionate and professional services to honour the memory of those you cherish.

This guide details the various options available for the respectful and meaningful interment of your loved one’s ashes. Whether you choose to place the ashes in a cemetery, a memorial garden, or a family plot, we offer a range of choices to suit your preferences and needs.

We also want to emphasise that our interment services are available to you even if we did not conduct the original funeral or cremation. Our goal is to ensure that every family has the opportunity to create a fitting tribute, no matter where they are in their journey of remembrance.

Options for Interment Services

Full Service

This can include a ceremony where family and friends gather to pay their respects. The service can be religious or non-religious.

Simple Interment

If you prefer a more private or low-key approach, our funeral director can conduct the interment without a formal service.

Unwitnessed Service

For those who prefer not to attend, our funeral director can carry out the interment respectfully and professionally on your behalf.

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The interment of ashes is a dignified and respectful way to lay your loved one’s remains to rest, whichever location or service type you choose. Prices for an interment of ashes service start at £165 plus disbursements. For more information or advice on our interment of ashes services, please contact us. We are here to assist you in making the best choice for your loved one with care and compassion.

Other Ashes Options

Ashes into Glass

Skilled craftsmen use a small amount of ashes to transform them into beautiful glass jewellery, paperweights, vases, and candles. These unique keepsakes provide a beautiful and enduring way to remember your loved one.

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Urns for Ashes & Keepsakes

Explore our diverse range of urns, catering to both indoor and outdoor settings, including options specifically crafted for garden memorials. We offer eco-friendly designs alongside personalised options like candle holders or urns designed for two sets of ashes, allowing loved ones to reunite. Browse our complete collection of urns on our website and purchase directly from our branch.

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Memorial Jewellery

Transform a small portion of the ashes into beautiful jewellery pieces. We offer multiple options, including unisex necklace pendants and bracelets, allowing you to keep your loved one close as a cherished private memento. These pieces are a touching way to honour and remember your loved one daily.

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