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Bert Scopes


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  • Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance
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  1. Dad,
    We had our laughs and we had our tears… I am sure I made you happy but sometimes angry! You taught me about life and so many things I cannot thank you enough for. You were a role model and someone I admired, looked up to and respected.
    So hard to say goodbye…..
    Your smile lives on in my thoughts…..
    Dean, (Your No.2 Son).

    Dean Scopes
  2. Dad,
    You were the best. I shared so much of my life with you, in work and play. You were an inspiration, and made me who I am, with your big heart, wisdom and deeds, your strong sense of family and devotion to us, which was beyond compare. You are here with me in my thoughts, in my actions and in my heart, every day. Although you have departed this world you will always mean the world to me and be a part of mine.

  3. Dear Family Scopes,

    Behind the tears of losing a good friend hides a smile for the beautiful memories.
    Your husband, father, was and still is to us an example of good will, helpfulness and positivism.
    He will be remembered.
    When the night falls, stars are visible.

    Laetitia, Benjamin, Dorine & Edwin
  4. A letter to you from haeven
    When you tomorro starts without me
    and I’m not there to see
    if the sun should rise and find you eyes
    all filled with tears for me
    I know how much you love me
    as much as I love you
    and each time that you think of me
    I know you still miss me

    Herman en Huguette
  5. Some people
    touch briefly
    while others
    leave a lasting impression
    and are never forgotten!

    Herman en Huguette
  6. Dear Family Scopes
    Those we love , don’t go away
    they wolk beside us every day,
    Useen unheard,but always here,
    still love ,still missed,still very dear

    André Germonpré en Magda Lapeire
  7. Iris & Pete
    More than a brother a good and reliable friend, one who would help anyone, dependable and above all kind and considerate.
    A big man, we shall both miss him.

    Iris & Peter berry
  8. Perry and Rachel Chesterton
    2nd March 2017


    You are and will always be to us the perfect gentleman. The most considerate, generous and kind hearted man we should ever had the pleasure to meet. We had the greatest respect for you and were inspired by your great achievements and professionalism and proud to work with you on your projects.

    You and Marion entered our lives at a time when we were very low and you thought nothing more than to give us your kindness and love beyond compare. Your hospitality and guidance uplifted our hearts and gave us the inspiration to go forward.

    We were truly blessed with a great man and you will always be remembered and in our hearts forevermore. We will miss you.

    Perry and Rachel Chesterton

Service Details

Tuesday, February 28th 2017 - 12.00pm
Poole Crematorium

No flowers by request. Donations in lieu for the Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance,

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