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Elizabeth Mary Helena Buss


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  1. Mum. I still can’t quite get my head round that you won’t be coming back. I know you had battled on for so long and you had so many days in pain however you also had so many good days which made me start to believe that you were genuinely going to keep fighting on just like you did for everything in your life. I miss you so much as do Callum, Keira and izzy. Life isn’t going to ever be the same again however I know your out of pain now. I hope you can hear every conversation I have been having since you passed as I miss our chats so so much and I don’t know who I will ever get such advice off as yours was unique!! . I can’t explain the piece of me that you took with you. I miss you so much but I will continue to keep making you proud by making sure Callum, Keira and izzy will always be ok. I love you always and now rest in peace your out of the pain now xxx

  2. Where do I start ? I loved you more than anything in the world and I can’t believe you gone however I know that your always be with me no matter what . You have always been my second mum you would sit me on your lap and tell me that I’m bold and that I should give Pooh bear . One memory I will never forget is Ireland and that’s our memory that we will always share together. You were always trying to make me achieve my best and that’s what I’m gonna do for you . You’ve made a massive hole in my heart however I know that you would be saying suck it up and get on with life to me . Im gonna miss you so much but I know that your always going to be with me . I love you nanny xx
    Pants ( your favourite grand daughter ) I’m gonna give up pooh bear for as you always thought I was to old to suck me thumb xx

    Keira Witcomb
  3. love you nanny so much xx gunna miss all your stories,your laugh, kindness and most of all the ice cream that was always in your freezer(until kev moved in then it wasnt there). going to mcdonalds is always difficult as i have to pass my second home and you wont be there. gunna miss you so so much and hope that your reborn as an elephant or something red,love your favourite and only grandson callum and telgrandad hi from mr e as i never had the pleasure in meeting him.

    Callum Redfern
  4. Mum, what does that mean? To me Mum means the lady, the woman, the girl that made me everything I am today. You were always with me, whenever I made a decision in life, there was always a voice in the back of my head that would say what would Mum think, would Mum approve, would Mum think this is the right thing to do. I guess that voice will never go away but you have, and I will have to draw strength from everything you taught me to be confident in being me You always told me I was clever and beautiful and if I wanted the world it was waiting for me, I did what you told me and I promise I will do more.
    I love you

  5. Nanny, we were never very close for a lot of my life but you always had a place in my heart and we still have lots of good memories especially in recent years. You always gave good advice as it was always very blunt and truthful which is what everyone might not want but needs to hear and I will always remember this and it will help me for the rest of my life. I know you were in a lot of pain for a long time and I’m going to miss you so much but I’m glad you don’t feel that pain anymore. I wish you could’ve stayed around a bit longer but I know you’re in a better place.
    Love you x

  6. liz was and is my big sister and is not here now but she will live on in our stories but she will have grown not like some of us

    rick carol and family
  7. You are my queen bee of the saint ives pub even if your not here xx

  8. Rest now Aunt Liz.

    Nieve and Gavin
  9. Rest in Peace Liz, you will be hugely missed. xxx

    Helen Roe
  10. Bye Liz, you know you’re going to a beautiful place but the question is who’s going to be lush of the year now? Karen and Elisa have been working hard at it but no one can take your place.

  11. Thankyou Liz for being a wonderful nanny to our only grandchild, your only grandson and of course ,all your grandaughters .I won’t forget how kind you were to me either.After all your pain you deserve to rest in peace.Xx

  12. Bye Auntie Liz.

    I loved all your stories and spending time with you whenever I was down that way. My earliest memory of you was when we went to visit you in Bangor road and you had locked yourself out and I had to climb through the window which didn’t go down too well with Auntie Jennie. You were always fun to be around and I will miss you.

    Your favourite nephew Patrick (You told me that I was once – it made me smile)

    Patrick Cooling

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