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Isobel Mary Bates

1929 - 2024

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  1. The oldest and the youngest Isobel’s in a beautiful picture- Mum was my best friend
    love Ashley x

  2. A life well lived – full of love.
    Lots of love grandma from Jean ❤️

  3. You were looking over my shoulder this morning while I made my sandwiches, to make sure I spread the butter into all the corners. I did! Never forgotten. Arabelle and Garry

  4. Oh Isobel, Isobel, stay forever young. Forever be the young woman driving down to Nice in blissful ignorance of what may lay ahead. Forever be smiling as you walk along the Promenade des Anglais with the love of your life. We so remember the conversations in which you opened the door to us on a part of your life we had never witnessed. You gave up so much for your family; let everything be well for you now, wherever you are. Let you be able to see again. Let you be able to smile again and be free of your troubles. Above all, we hope you can be forever young, that you can once again be that young woman with so much ahead of her.

    Jonathan and Elaine
  5. Dear Auntie Isobel who attended our parents’ wedding in Nuneaton in 1943 and then gave me my second name in 1945. How proud I was to be your bridesmaid later. I will never forget your laugh and voice – the fun we had with you, lovely Jim and your adoring Aunt Laurie (my step-Grandmother) and my parents in Torquay and the Midlands. All our love.
    Beverly Jill Orton and Simon Miles Orton

  6. Bigmummy – always on the other end of the phone as my go to for all things cooking related. I will always be thankful for all the wise words and lessons my Grandma taught me. I will always remember the trips through the grove to pick up shopping en route to yours so we could have a catch up over a coffee and some lunch X X

  7. BIGmummy, so much to thank you for. Childhood memories of raspberry picking, drop scones, Ludo walking and dog sitting, shopping trips to Bournemouth and Southampton, painting your nails, a sleepover followed by banana sandwiches for breakfast, homemade lemon juice and cakes, fish and chip dinners and Christmas days. Adult memories of you being on the end of the phone when I first became a parent and meeting you off the bus in Boscombe for shopping followed by tea cakes in Planters, and singing This is the way the ladies ride to my children. Thank you for giving me a love of musicals by introducing me to Carousel, and not forgetting the hours Naomi and I spent watching Red Dwarf at yours. More memories than there is space for, and so much love. X

  8. Grandma – memories of seeing you
    include parking under the tree that left sap all over dads car, delicious homemade chocolate cake, picking blackberries for a crumble, forcing my sisters to play blind man’s bluff in the big bedroom, playing
    your piano and fish and chip dinners. Miss your spoonerisms and wit eternally x

  9. Thank you for being my Mummy.
    Allowing me to spread my wings because we used to joke about how the youngest daughter remained at home forever!
    I will never stop loving you.
    Your Baby.

  10. Fish and chip suppers served with the thinest cut white bread buttered right up to the edge and into the corners.
    My two jumpers, the hunter and scorpio, with Isobel’s trade mark label “Made by Big Mummy”
    Drinking a glass of Laphroaig whisky to whet Alexander’s and Jonquil’s heads.
    Isobel’s visits to see us in Cyprus and Germany.
    Refusing a reverse charge call from newly born Alexander because she “Didn’t know anyone called Alexander” A few minutes later she did.
    Handing her a daffodil on my return from the military hospital in Germany and shriek of delight from her “Oh! It’s a girl called Jonquil.”
    Being instructed how to properly butter a slice of bread; right into the corners and along all the edges. I still do this now.

  11. I was so fortunate to have Isobel as my Mother-in-Law. She was not the archetypal character that comedian’s joke about, in fact, she was the polar opposite. I first met Isobel when I gate crashed Belinda’s 21st birthday party at Verona Ave; Isobel was very welcoming to this interloper to a family event. As the years passed our friendship grew as we got to know each other better and I have so many fond memories of Isobel; some I have shared on the memorial wall. Isobel, you were a wonderful Mother-in-Law and your wise counsel will be missed along with your wicked sense of humour. You had a very fulfilling life of adventures and fun and the greatest testament to your memory are your family that are spread over three generations.

    PS: Don’t forget the hot plates!

  12. Mum- I remember your chocolate cake and your fried potatoes- you were making that when you went into labour-and I have been mysteriously addicted to them all of my life. I will miss the constant reminders about your knees birthdays- mine is June 8th- and the constant updates about our eye pressures. I remember the nylon bedsheets that could never be tucked in- always a bright yellow colour -and the fork that you melted into your grill pan. You always were, and forever will be, my friend and I will miss the advice, support and love you showed- even if I didnt always accept it.

  13. I always loved staying at your colourful house. Enjoying your delicious chocolate cake whilst the several cuckoo clocks chimed away. I loved the trips down to the sandy beaches, and the inevitable arguments over minigolf. You always lit up the room with your amazing coordinated outfits and witty musings. I still can’t say Radio Times without thinking of you! What an incredible full life you lived and what a legacy and a family you leave behind. Georgina x

  14. Grandma, from your colourful clothes to your colourful house you were always such a beacon of light and warmth. I will always think back to those long summer days followed by chocolate cake at your house with the greatest of fondness, only saddened that little Isobel won’t get to experience the joy that we did. Words cannot express the space that is left with your passing so I hope you’re still listening out for the piano playing, sat in your chair with you head rested in one hand while the other hand tapped silently along. Xxxxxxx

    Harriet Bates
  15. Dear Grandma, I will never forget the summers spent with you; the cuckoo clocks, chocolate cake, the Thief of Baghdad on VHS, and of course the talking scales. I will never forget your kindness, your humour or your cheese scones. I hope wherever you are now, you are surrounded by colour. X

  16. None of us will ever meet a more colourful person. Not only in terms of the wonderful and bright outfits and accessories that you wore and used, but your incredibly vivid personality and excellent sense of humour.

    There is so much that I’ll forever cherish – fish and chip suppers with the best buttered bread; making chocolate cake when Jonquil was born; being introduced to gin by dad after a mix up over your homemade lemon juice; the Halloween parties; the picking of blackberries down the side of the garage; the exciting unknowns of your larder; the playing hide and seek upstairs; the trips to the Grove; your clocks and talking scales; our chats about books and most recently gardens; the giggles at booking out of government meeting rooms so I could sing you happy birthday each year; your laughter at being described your silly birthday cards; and so much more.

    We will all miss you immensely but I know that your unique and colourful legacy will endure in us all.


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Tuesday, February 27th 2024 - 13:00
Poole Crematorium, Gravel Hill, Poole, Dorset, BH17 9BQ
Lesley Shand Funeral Service

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