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Jonathan 'Jay' Adam Nicholas Goulding

In celebration of the effect of Jay’s life on the world and into the future, we invite you to record here any positive or creative act you pledge to do.

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  1. Im sorry for your loss, It is a loss for all. His memory, his spirit, will stay forever.
    All of Anthropos crew cherished him, his energy and his vibes.
    He was loved, and he will be loved forever.
    Each one teach one, and we can all learn to respect the moments in our life where we learn to admire our friends and family for who they are. This is an important moment for all to learn from his smile, and stay positive and respectful, for culture and art, for life.
    My condolences
    Stay strong

    Itay Berger, aka Kukan Dub Lagan, Anthropos musical advisor
  2. I am so very sorry to hear that Jay has died. My deepest sympathy to you and your family at this tragic time.

    Caz Scott
  3. Hey everyone dear to Jay,

    the following nights after Jay’s death I sat with a candle, feeling him closeby and sensing all the connections which I cannot possibly hoist with words. A song came from these moments, its signature came on the guitar and now I have this song which is called ‘Jefferson’ – it is my wish to play this song with all our friends singing in chorus in a suitable spot of Purbeck. When this will be it is unclear yet I put it into motion. Just as Jay’s music taste was not confined to folk songs but to an infinitely novel spectrum of music it, our friend Jack has made an electronic twin to the song which we wish to play in his memory. This is just one facet of what will come but I wish to document it now.

    Thank you Jefferson,

    I bid you to enjoy this moment of novelty as you survey the astral lands on who-knows-what-cosmic quest – I wish it the best in your name as you were so dear a friend.

    Love Bill xxxxx

    Billy Merrick
  4. Beth and I were very sad to hear of Jay’s death. We are thinking of you all and send you our love and sympathy.

    Last year, I sowed some acorns in pots and several have now grown tall enough to plant in the countryside. When I do so, I will dedicate one of these oak tree saplings to Jay.

    Philip Browne and Beth Brooke
  5. Our garden is full of plants which have been planted to commemorate people and dogs we have loved.
    For Jay we will add a Passion flower below the kitchen window which we will see. It will be a reminder of Jay.

    Richard and Elizabeth
  6. My absolute condolences are with you. I so wish I’d got to know Jay more as every meeting I had with him was positive and impactful. I will be planting some sunflowers (here in Australia) as those are definitely what I associate with him most.

    Go well

  7. My love and thought’s are with you all during this time… It was only a couple of months ago that we sat together around a fire, after a day spent getting sunburnt by the sea with friends, chatting excitedly about woodworking projects… I’m very grateful to have spent this time together before he left.
    He also came to visit me in a dream recently, it was so vivid, he looked very healthy and happy.

    Wishing you the best on your next adventure my brother, I hope our paths may cross again someday.

    Evan x

    Evan Pan

  9. Dear Jay,
    You are much missed here at Britannia Road. It’s strange coming into the kitchen and expecting to see you making the customary Marmite&PB on toast, either lost in thought and headphones or ready to hypnotize us with your latest exploration in literature, art, botany, or grimoire – and remembering that you’re not here. It’s so sad and still surreal. I loved the esoterism you brought to this house and your determination to refine your artistic talents to perfection. I’m making a piece of art for you, because yours continues to inspire me. It’s an exploration of an imaginary underground – I thought it would suit both your previous travels and your interest in the dark, under-explored places.

    Ailsa x

    Ailsa Naismith
  10. Oh , Sue, Nick and Anna, i if possible would feel privileged to be allowed to be with you on such an heart breaking sad day, on this internet? Ill be in poole hospital! Thinking about you all💙 such a beautiful being❤❤❤🌈

    Sian hovell
  11. We are so terribly sorry for your loss, we have fond memories of you all in our garden in the summer all those years ago. Such a loss of a real creative talent. Our thoughts are with you.

    Phil & Lisa A-J
  12. Genuinely good person, will be sorely missed. Rest in paradise my friend

  13. I met Jay at Kingston, our conversations would always leave me thinking about things in a different way. This is a massive loss of a genuinely great person who will be sorely missed. Jay was far too young to go and I will never forget him. My thoughts are with Jay’s family and friends. Rest in Power mate.

  14. Dear Nick and Lesley, I only knew Jay through Facebook but I know that he was very special and very talented. And how much you love him. I am so very sorry that he has gone so soon to a better place. I cannot imagine how much you will miss him. Take comfort from your friends and his that he will never be forgotten. In memory of Jay, I am going to treasure each day from now on and each person that I meet. And I will try and leave the world a better place, no matter how small my contributions. Your loving aunt, Jeanne.

    Jeanne Goulding
  15. The phrase “there are no words” seems like the only thing that fits right now. I cannot imagine what you’re going through, but we are all thinking of you.

    Jake Buczak and family
  16. For Jay’s parents, family, friends and all who knew him, sending sympathy for this profound loss of such a young and talented person. Looking at his work, these words came to me and I know he will live forever in the hearts of those who love him.
    For Jay. A Tenuous Thread.
    Life seems a tenuous thread,
    held together by love, bound as a plait
    woven into a braid, but what if the
    thread is severed?
    I look at your work
    and see the slender thread
    or a gap of no connection
    as if a premonition?
    But you are held and
    bound by the thread of love
    of all who knew you
    are made whole.
    Your soul survives intact.

    Carlotta Barrow
  17. My heart goes to all Jay’s family and friends.
    Jay had a special light that reached the intricate corners of people souls. He will be dearly missed 🖤
    Young forever.
    Love forever.
    Rest in paradise, until we meet again.

    Karin Silenzi de Stagni
  18. Ripples of love in the wake of Jays’ life to you all, coming from that still pond at the Mill ……

    Evelyn Isaac
  19. Dearest Jay,

    Hearing of your loss was a terrible blow to us all, family and friends alike. Jay was, and always will be a one of a kind, and will have a special place in my heart. I feel priveledged to have had the oppurtunity to get to know Jay while living with him and beyond. Always so kind and supportive, a true gentleman in every sense of the word, a gentle soul that will be dearly missed. My condolences go out to his family, and everyone that is feeling this deep pain.

    Love Benji xx

    Benjamin Mortiboys
  20. Thank you for all the great memories, rest in peace my friend x

  21. we love you Jayboy. thoughts and prayers to all of Jays family and friends today.

    Arthur Condie and Josh Howard.
  22. You’ll be missed Jay. Thinking of you and everyone who loves you. Such a beautiful service to send Jay onto his next adventure xxx

    Georgia Gough
  23. When thinking back I am pretty sure I only met you on enough separate occasions to count on two hands, which seems crazy considering how fondly I hold you in my heart.

    Your way of communicating and your accepting presence is something I will greatly miss in years to come.

    Thinking of your family in this deificult time.

    Untill we meet again, brother <3

  24. So glad to have had the pleasure to call jay my friend, such a warm hearted and unique soul. So many amazing memories, you will be impossible to forget

  25. Knowing Jay as a friend for too short of a time, i feel gratitude to have spent our togetherness solely with creating and realizing ideas, which changed and will change this world to the better.
    What I keep in memory is the enormous energy that he has put into our hearts. I know just one little part of him, but it is more than enough to fall in love.
    All the good influence he had onto so many people around the planet is hard to grasp. The seeds he planted within us are growing into trees, and they keep growing with his energy imprinted in their roots.
    I like to believe Jay was calmly crossing the border, knowing that his life is fulfilled in the best possible way. leaving this dimension with a thoughtful smile and a heart bathed in love.
    Thank you Jay. for your energy, your love, your vision.

    Jules Geist
  26. Soo sad this happened to someone soo young. Sincere sympathies to dear Nick, Lesley and Anna. Keep strong guys all your family and friends are here for you all. Take care. X

    Kevin, Joanna, Alex and Gary Twaite Toronto, Canada
  27. While I can’t hope to improve on the tributes at the service yesterday, I want to add my own feelings.
    I have many happy memories of Jay from Fiona and I staying at the family home in Langton Matravers with Sue, Anna and Dave.
    Even from a young age it was clear that Jay was unique. Everything he did was funny, outrageous (to my aged perspective) or fascinating. What a gift he had for making people smile and, at the same time, think.
    My heart goes out to Sue, Anna and Dave for their loss. I’ve never really met Nick and Lesley but to you also I offer my thoughts and sympathy.

    Frank & Fiona Smith
  28. As we head into the darkest time of our year, we remember Jay, who brought his own light to many.
    To dear family members and many close friends.
    May your light shine in heaven and grace us still here on Earth.
    We remember Sue, his Mum and Dave, Nick, his father and Lesley, and Anna, his sister.
    And all of his very dear friends.
    May they gain love and understanding through their grief.
    We send our love and ask for blessings on you all in your sadness.
    Love from Zoe and Jem x

    Zoe & Jem Main
  29. There is a wood here where we live, which runs along the river far down below the bank.
    That day I heard a Jay call and saw it’s beautiful feathers. A flash of blue, white, burgundy and black. I heard a call and another appeared, and they flew, their form and colours sliced by tall trees through the wood.
    And I thought of Jay. His soul in the flight of a bird.
    In a small copse nearby we will plant oak for the Jays, who love acorns.
    An Alder, River Birch and Willow. And we will call it Jay’s Wood.
    To remember Jay.

    Zoe & Jem Main
  30. To honour Jay’s life if will plant a tree in the field behind my house. There are currently Jacob’s sheep in that field and I will collect wool that they have shed and twist it and thread it with beads and hang it on the tree. I hope that the jay that has recently been visiting our garden will fly out to the field and see what we have done.

    Lucinda Neall
  31. My deepest condolences for your loss. Jay was such an amazing guy with characteristics like no other. I feel beyond lucky to have known him throughout our years in school and many a funny memory shared. Jay continue to shine bright.

    Tasha Taylor
  32. Our deepest sympathies to Sue and all of Jay’s family and friends. I have made a donation to a fund to create a gallery at a local university to house a collection of sophisticated artworks created by Aboriginal children who were part of the Stolen Generation, children forcibly removed from their families under the misguided Government policy of the time and detained in a native settlement in the 1940’s. This centre for truth telling has the intention to inspire positive change by bringing people together to promote cultural healing and lasting reconciliation, to explore and celebrate difference, nurture respect, acknowledge past and present sadness and work together for better futures.

    Yvonne & family in Perth, Western Australia
  33. In the name of Jay’s connection with the natural world and his life, I shall plant seeds of mint, rosemary, and avocado to bloom fruitfully this spring. And I will dance near them in Jay’s memory.

    Vanita Kitana
  34. Jay was such a special person who affected everyone who knew him and loved him. It has taken us a while to think about how we want to pay tribute to his memory. We will certainly be helping in the rewilding of Corfe Castle by sowing seeds of wild flowers. Chris will also be working on four pictures to mark the seasons of the year. She will use natural materials to paint and print with as these were so important to Jay. All our love.

    Chris and Steve

    Chris and Steve Clarke
  35. This morning I planted a tiny oak which had grown from an acorn in our garden, the sun was shining and there was a distant pomise of spring. A gentle rain is falling on Jay’s oak now. With tears and love to all his family and friends.

    Fiona Penman
  36. Jay you spent evenings as a child at my house in Langton after school with my son Matt and Chris and Sarah
    We were devastated to hear of your passing
    Thinking of your friends and family at this time

    Jane Pratt

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