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Edith Joan Fawcett (Joan)

1916 - 2021

messages of condolence

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  1. My Darling Mum
    Thank you for your wisdom, guidance and love throughout my life.

    You kept it simple and taught me that to ‘love and be loved’ was the most important thing as all the the other ups and downs in life will happen anyway.

    Most importantly your skills in RUMMY live on!

    Rest In Peace
    Forever loved

    Hilary Brahmbhatt
  2. We never met or hardly spoke but we all still love her an are very sad to hear about her passing. From what we heard she was a great mum to all of her children and will be here to support grandad through this tough time

    Samia stone( step great granddaughter)
  3. You, were my best friend and rock I leant on for many years. You had a full life and were close to all your family and were happy to give words of advice and comfort and support when asked. You were very strong willed and determined and fought back after many downs and proved many people wrong by your steely determination and dynamic personality. All your family are stronger for having you in our lives and hope to put in to practice the many words of advice you have given. Your last few years were very difficult and demanding but you never let it get you down. It’s the end of an era, gone but not forgotten, a lovely lady and forever in my thoughts. Make sure you teach people how to play Yahtzee, and no cheating up there.
    God be with you and rest in peace.xxxx

    Brian Fawcett
  4. “Joan was a Mum-in-law in a Million. A true lady, she had a rare(occasionally risqué) sense of humour and a generous heart and spirit. Her first Christmas with our joint family meant the challenge of our stairs both night and morning ,and it’s testament to her humour that she accepted the moniker “peg-leg” from her new step-grandson Russell as he helped boost her upstairs from the rear! We all erupted into giggles , and it became their private in-joke. If you wanted an opinion from her, you’d get an honest one-but you’d also get support and unconditional love. She adored all her children, so if you loved them-she loved you. I will miss her more than I can say. Rest easy Mum,and put your feet up. We’ll take it from here-you showed us❤️💕😊😘😍” Joy

    Joy Fawcett
  5. Going to miss you Mum.
    You were always supportive to me and my family all your life.
    Your last few months were a struggle but I will always remember the fun we both had with the crosswords (some we never finished!) and the ‘love you, love you more’ replies each time I left.
    Sleep tight Mum.
    Your daughter Lynne x

    Lynne Gilbertson
  6. Dearest Joan
    You were a tower of strength and support when my brother and your son in law , Devendra(Bachu) died at too young an age and I will never forget how you keep everyone going through that hard time with your matter of fact attitude and your inspiring words of comfort.
    I can see that Hilary has inherited that strength of character and steely determination that you had and has done so admirably well in bringing up her own family single handed to be powerful capable women bringing up families and advancing their careers as well.
    I am glad you had a long meaningful and happy life surrounded by all your wonderful grandchildren who will miss you greatly but who have your words of wisdom to help guide them through their lives.
    For me, you will always be a formidable and inspirational lady who gave me comfort and strength when I lost the brother I loved and depended on and looked upto all my life.
    Love from Vibha , Rohit Rao and family

    Vibha and Rohit Rao
  7. Our thoughts go out to you, Brian and Hilary and your families at this time of sorrow.
    Your Mum was a truly fantastic lady.
    My memories of “Auntie Joan” go back a long way
    – Visits to see her in Wallasey during and after the war.
    – Holidays with her at Rhos-on-Sea and Felixstowe.
    – Staying with her during school holidays when my parents were in Uganda.
    – And more recently, our annual visits to her in Wimbourne to talk about families, politics(both UK and US) and of course football.
    Joan was a remarkable person, steadfast and reliable, never flustered, taking a long life in her stride and always there for support.
    God speed, as she joins her husband, sister and brother-in-law – you can imagine what catching up they have to do.

    David(nephew) and Lorna Boucher
  8. May you now rest in peace GG! Hope they have strawberry jelly up there 🤞
    Love and miss you always xxx🥰❤️😘

    Clare and Ethan
  9. To my dearest Granny
    What to say… there is not enough space on this page, to say how much you meant to me. How lucky we all were to have you in our lives for such a long time. Memories that will live on forever, like the time you came to Mombasa and I made you a lukewarm cup of tea (because I didn’t realise I had to boil the kettle), or the time we struggled down the steps at Warrington Bank Quay station with my enormous suitcase when I came to stay for just the weekend! Oh the fun we had gossiping about the neighbours at Ventnor Close and of course the pivotal conversation of you telling Mum that my new boyfriend, despite the long red hair and earring was really a rather nice boy!! Of course there were the not so great times in both our lives but I will never forget our tearful conversation, when Oscar was in the PICU at St.Mary’s and you wished that you and he could switch places; I didn’t realise until recently how much this impacted you.
    You have been there for me at every step of my life and I am so thankful to have had this huge privilege. I can’t find words adequate enough to say how much I love you. The hardest part of saying goodbye is learning to live without you. Sleep tight darling Granny, till we meet again.
    All my love
    Anjali xxxx

    Anjali and Jonathan Carter
  10. Even despite the distance and that we didn’t get to spend lots of time with you, you were very much at the heart of our family. Jamie never got to meet you, but knew exactly who you were through all the chat we had with you over Skype and through Brian and Mum. And the girls knew you with great fondness as their great grandma “GG”…… you often featured in homework projects at school about family 🙂 I promise, it was all good lol!! x You were an incredible woman, and what a legacy you leave behind with all of the wonderful family you have raised. xxxx

    Viki and the crew xxx
  11. Joan was a valued and much loved member of the Saville Court community for many years. Everyone has their own precious memories of her despite her relative isolation towards the end. We will greatly miss her but are consoled that she is now at peace.

    Saville Court friends and neighbours
  12. Dear Joan,
    I got to know about you when Hilary and my brother Bachu met in Liverpool and later married. You were so brave to accept having her move to another continent and another culture. Your wisdom and strength , which you have passed to her , her daughters and grandchildren has always helped them in their lives. They are such accomplished women, mothers, wives thanks to those genes!!
    You were there for us when Bachu passed away in London’s ENT hospital, you were there when Hilary had to go back to Kenya and take on the responsibility of 3 young girls, you were there when these” girls” came to London for schooling and went to granny’s house every weekend and every holiday and you have been there since Hilary returned to England. Basically , you were an incredible mom, grandma, great grandma , aunt, friend, role model for people like me .
    It was an honor to know you and attend your 100 th birthday in 2016 surrounded by so many people who loved you.
    Love you always,God bless.

    Nalini Brahmbhatt
  13. Dear Granny,

    I can’t believe the day has come to say goodbye to you. We just always thought you’d live forever.

    I love you so much. I remember you send cassette recordings to Kenya of you reading out stories and fairytales. I remember your lovely voice reading out little red riding hood so well. Then the years in Warrington visiting you every holiday and the neighbours calling up about all the children on the close with their barefeet. You thought it was hilarious.
    I remember how your house was always open to all of us and your arms wide open for hugs and tea and cold Mars bars.
    You were just such a special lady and such a kind Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother. We are already feeling your loss so much.
    Thank you for being you and teaching this to be us.
    Having seen you recently, I am happy you are at peace, catching up with old family members and living your next life.

    Hector and Laurie loved you to bits and we are going to celebrate your amazing life next Wednesday like you’d want us to:

    I will miss thrashing you at card games.

    I love you Granny, go well and see you in our next life.

    Rohini, Hector and Laurie xxx

    Rohini, Hector and Laurie
  14. My darling Granny,
    My heart breaks when I realize that I will be spending the rest of my days without you. You have been the centre of our family universe and the one who was always there when we most needed you. But we have lived through loss before and even if painful – there is one thing that doesn’t change –and this is that memories do not disappear as long as you keep them alive. So you will live through hundreds of more years in the stories we tell each other and that they tell to the next generations. I will describe how I would wait patiently for Mummy to read your blue airmail letters for our little personalised message and then count down the days before you came to see us in Mombasa (not only for the chocolate). I will describe in detail how we would stand on Nyali Beach and see you bobbing in the distance in the blue Indian Ocean and come out saying “ooo it’s just like a bath”. I will tell my children the story about you, Mum and I rowing a boat down the river in Wimborne and fighting about who kept steering it into the banks. And of course, I will paint a wonderful picture of our little moments together, going to all the charity shops in Wimborne, buying “old people’s stuff” especially the day that I bought a pair of boots that were too small for me but we both agreed were too beautiful not to buy so “I could give them to a friend” – which I never did. And for the last years I am happy that I do not have to tell many of my memories to my beautiful daughters because they shared these with you. Every call, every “ba ba blacksheep”, every hug you gave to June and the moment you first held Billie – me marvelling that there were over 100 years that separated you, yet you were still able to laugh together and love each other. I know that this is a period of loss and sadness because we will not hear your voice anymore, your laughter and lightness and we will miss so much of you Granny – so many of the little details and just the huge gap left by you. You were a woman who knew how to make the most out of every occasion, brought joy when there was sadness, embraced the present and took the best from the past, gave so much to her family and community and was a fair and kind soul that inspired trust. We are so lucky to have had you for the time we did and I am sure that those you have joined in your new adventure have welcomed you with open arms. Thank you for being a rock, always being the voice of reason, teaching us how to live with pride and without fear. I will bring up my girls to remember you like this, at the same time understanding that there is part of you in them. Be happy where you are and travel well and safely. With love and gratitude, Kavita, June, Billie and Ben

    Kavita Brahmbhatt
  15. Dear Joan,

    What to say? Well, first things first, you were the oldest person I have ever had the pleasure of knowing! And even to the end, I understand you were in good spirits, still with a wicked sense of humour! Good on you! We only met a few times, the most memorable being when I witnessed you manoeuvre our stairs at Hazel Grove – both of us in stitches :). And where you were christened “peg leg”. That will stay with me and will be how I remember you.

    I’m very glad you got to meet Lucy, even though it was virtual. She had a big smile on her face, as did me and nina.

    Hopefully your last journey “up stairs” was easier this time, but rest in peace mate!

    Russ, Nina and Lucy xxxxxxxx

  16. I am so sorry to hear of Joan’s death but so pleased that she reached such a ripe old age. She was a remarkable lady and had her faculties of mind to the very end. I had the privilege of meeting her regularly in my volunteer role of delivering library books to housebound people and found her good company with plenty of conversation about her life and olden times which we shared over a cup of tea or coffee.
    I miss her.
    Bob (the Book) Harris

    Bob Harris
  17. To GiGi
    I hope you get this. If not, I love you. I hope you know that and I will always love you no matter what if you are alive or not.
    I hope you meet my grandfathers up there and you will soon make new friends in heaven, the happy place.
    I love you lots and lots and 1000000000 X more.
    I had those lovely memories with you but it is time to say goodbye. I love you my GiGi.
    Love Laurie. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Laurie E Denton
  18. I was very sad to hear of Joan’s passing, but what an amazing lady she was. What a wonderful life she had, surrounded by her family and friends who loved her dearly. I will certainly miss our little chats on the telephone, we would always have plenty to chat about. Rest in peace Joan, you will be missed by so many people. I feel privileged to have known you, and will always remember you with love and great fondness.
    Barbara xxxx

    Barbara Carter.
  19. Farewell Joan. Having known you for as long as I can remember, I’ve literally got a lifetime of memories of you! The strength of your bond with my Mum and Dad meant you remained great friends even though you moved away from Chelwood Avenue and, ultimately, Liverpool. Its been our privilege to be your friend too; always a pleasure to meet up with you and chat.
    Bill took me to my first match and you’ve always been a great Evertonian…we’ll keep shouting for them on your behalf! All good things come to an end. We’ll miss you but say goodbye knowing you lived a full and wonderful life coping stoically with the bad times and embracing the good times with your wonderful family. With much love and affection. John…and Ros & James too. XXX

    John Hoggarth
  20. Dear Gigi,

    Well, where to begin. For years, we travelled down to Wimborne to be met with such hilarious and witty banter, and made memories playing games such as ‘eye spy’ where you would never give in until you got the answer correct! We remember memories such as your 100th party, the day out on the rowing boat, and how could one forget the infamous fire engine incident! Thank for being with us to create all these lovely memories that will serve us our entire lives, always reminding us about what is really important in life. Love you Gigi.

    May you rest in peace,

    Harrison, Oscar and Darcey Carter

    Harrison, Oscar & Darcey Carter
  21. If I may borrow two of Anjali’s words, how lucky and privileged I feel to have had an aunt like ‘Auntie Joan’. I only ever had one aunt but who needed another when I was blessed with such a kind and loving person like Joan. I remember spending a lot of very happy times at 131, playing endlessly on bikes with Brian and teasing Hilary and Lynne mercilessly as boys did in those days. Always looking on was this rock, this steadying influence, this generous lady who ensured that we stayed happy and safe.
    In her latter days, her memory remained sharp and she was always interesting to talk to about life in general, Everton, of course and her family in particular. She always kept in touch, especially when we needed it.
    The world is a poorer place without Joan but my memories of her life remain very happy.
    Thank you, Aunty Joan for never forgetting our birthdays and for being a perfect aunt

    Beryl & Nigel Boucher
  22. Joan was such a lovely warm lady, she always made me feel at ease whenever our paths crossed at mum and Brian’s house. I had the pleasure of documenting her lovely long life for her 90th birthday celebrations, mounting up lots of wonderful pictures for display at her party. In itself this seemed like such an achievement. Who knew we would go on to celebrate her 100th and beyond. A feisty character to the end, I will always remember her as the lady in blue (the colour I remember her wearing, especially in photos at mum and Brian’s wedding). Rest in peace lovely Joan, and sleep tight.

  23. I am thinking of you all today. I’m sorry I can’t be there with you.
    You have lost the most amazing lady.
    When I first walked into Mums flat 14 years ago, she was the 1st person I cleaned for in there and I thought I’d be going into an old withered lady, but wow I was shocked!!
    We got on so well and she loved my stories of what we got upto, starting with the nightmares of teenage children and giving me great advice then to the happiness of being a Nanna with my lovely Ezlyn, not forgetting showing her hundreds of photos of my dogs.
    She was a one off and if I could end up like her as a GG I would be more than happy.
    I am sending you all my love on this difficult day and thinking of you in every step.
    Lots of love.
    Shelley xxx

    Shelley Farrell
  24. Dear GiGi,

    Thank you for being the best great granny ever. Gonna miss you loads. I have many lovely memories of you, yours 100th bday and fire the engines being my favourite!
    I will look after Mummy and Granny today when we say goodbye to you.
    Sending you love in heaven
    Hector xx

  25. Sleep tight granny GG. You will be greatly missed .
    So many fond memories of growing up and us all being at your house, ps sorry we broke the Toby jug that year .
    Always in our hearts 💕.

    All our love.

    Neil,Jo, Taylor, Sam and lili. Xxxxx

    Neil gilbertson
  26. Sorry we couldn’t make it today Brian , our thoughts were with you. Very fond memories of coming over to chelwood Av on boxing days past and playing card games like chase the ace with you’re mum & dad and Hilary &Lynn , and listening to the football results on sports report . RIP Joan

    Jim Gore
  27. Thank you for exepting me and James in to your family,you will always be the queen bee and my only granny,your time came to grow your angel wings and I will miss you,kiss james and grandad for me big kiss and hug for you,look after them,thanks for teaching me yatzee lol,and being my such a strong and amazing lady,look after the lads,miss and love you loads forever 💖 xx

    Sarah fawcett
  28. I was Joan’s carer. I just found out today she had passed. I’m devastated she’s gone. I miss washing her hair and making her bacon sandwiches I adored her. she told me all about her life .. but all she wanted to watch was countdown I love you


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