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Karen Jayne Welman

1959 - 2019

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  1. Karen, the most positive, funniest, upbeat wonderful person ever. We will miss your mischief, antics (that gold dress!) and most of all your caring and loving personality.
    Your legacy lives on through your gorgeous, wonderful children and your inspiring and creative business.
    Love you lots Karen

    Louise Nason
  2. One of a kind & a dear friend. Such talent and oh such fun. Can’t remember a time over the years when we haven’t laughed, Karen could be absolutely hilarious, with a wicked sense of humour but always with a kind heart and spirit. Will miss her incredibly but the memories & stories retold just bring back to life that smile and warmth which we will always have. Much loved and much missed. Hope you’re creating havoc somewhere Karen & when the stars are out and one is not behaving we will think it’s you!! Carol, Colin & Lorraine xxx

    Carol Bagnald
  3. Words can’t express how shocked and saddened we were to loose Karen, our sister, at this pinnacle time of her life.
    Fond memories of our childhood will remain in our hearts forever.
    Karen has inspired many through her life with her amazing creativeness, and her outstanding success stories.
    Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those hearts that Karen touched.
    Jonathan , Ophelia, Jasper, Chloe, and Oscar may you all be comforted by the outpouring of love surrounding you at this deeply emotional time.
    RIP dear Sister xxx

  4. I got to know Karen through Jono and her work and it was obvious what a force she could be, for both her amazing family and her amazing company, she radiated energy and a ‘get it done’ attitude. I can see that her extraordinary bright light will be horribly missed by the family, but your strength together is a part of her and it is beautiful how you are supporting each other. I am so sorry for your loss.
    With love

    Harry Harris
  5. In dedication to a strong, funny, hugely giving, inspiring, mischievous person who’s presence will be greatly missed. May these trees represent the ever flourishing wonderful family and impressive legacy she contributed to the world
    Lots of love

    Olivia Watkins
  6. I first knew Karen as Ophelia’s slightly scary mum, who wanted the house spotless. As I’ve grown older, I can see just how lovely and inspiring she was, running several businesses, offering her food and home to others and supporting Ophelia in any way she could. Also noticed she loved a good laugh, which Ophelia has certainly inherited. My last two memories of Karen were her donating some of her possessions to Grenfell with a friend, and then months later teasing me about being unable to scoop out some rock solid ice cream. You will be missed, and inspire me to this day. Lots of love

    Alex Buchan
  7. Karen the most generous person I know. Thank you for teaching me to give. I will miss you greatly.

    Louise Constad
  8. Karen is probably the most inspiring woman I have ever met. She taught me how it’s possible to give so much of oneself for the betterment of others but keeping enough energy for her own family. Her legacy and love and creativity will live on through Jonno, Ophelia, Jasper, Chloe & Oscar – each of them embodying a special piece of her.

    But what she really taught me was how to have a bloody good laugh with good mates! And did we laugh!! From our “punch up” in Harvey Nichs to picnics with the Jools Holland band – she loved my candelabra which amused her no end!!!! Karen I will miss you so bloody much!

    We are all made of stardust – let your light shine over us all (however mischievously!!

    With love from us all xx

  9. Karen, thank you for touching the lives of many people. Your smile, your spirit, your love and kindness will be remembered.
    May God gives your family the strength and love they need.
    With Love, Marisol

    Psalm 23: The Lord is my shepherd;
    there is nothing I shall want.
    Fresh and green are the pastures
    where you give me repose.
    Near restful waters you lead me,
    to revive my drooping spirit.

    Marisol Hernandez
  10. To Jonno, Ophelia, Jasper, Chloe & Oscar, we send our love. In your darker moments, cling to the fact that in life you loved, honoured and cherished Karen and that she felt this always. Let her positive spirit now inspire you to continue to lead brilliant, fulfilled lives just as she would have hoped. Darling girl, Karen, irreplaceable and unforgettable, oh how you will be missed.

    Much love,
    Julie, Adrian, Hugo & Felix

  11. I first met Karen when I was 4 years old when she came to my house in Walton-on-Thames for my brother’s birthday party. Little did I know that our friendship would grow and blossom for the years to come. She was wild, generous, crazy, unpredictable. fiercely loyal, generous, made time for everyone, was full of light, and energy and wackiness. She remembered all my silly (inappropriate) songs and used to sing them years after. She saw the best in people. We’ve been to Spain, Greece, London and Hong Kong together. We’ve shared years and years of craziness, tragedies and funny memories. She sent me this message at Christmas ” You are a legend, just like your dad. Keep making me proud Janey”
    Karen, I will. I promise to you.
    To Jonathan, Jasper, Ophelia, Chloe and Oscar I send you my love and prayers. I know what it’s like having lost my father when he was 46. You have each other, you have talent and love and above all you each have Karen deep in your hearts. Keep making her proud too. She adored you all. xx

    Jane Engelmann
  12. Dear Karen – my favourite cousin.
    I was so sorry not to have said good-bye properly. My prayers and thoughts were thinking of you and your beautiful family on your departing day.
    Many years have passed since I last saw you and was proudly amazed at your successes. More importantly, admired how your lovely husband and children have achieved a memorable finale to commemorate the fine woman, wife, mother that you were in this life.
    Don’t party too much on the ‘other side’ – sending my love and wishes.

  13. Will really miss you Karen

    Your positive and encouraging attitude will be remembered by me for a very long time to come.
    No matter what challenges you faced you always had time for others and saw the lighter side of life.
    Thank you for everything you have given and taught me.

    Rest in peace amazing lady x

    Lisa Rhodes
  14. Karen (Monkey😍), the first time I met you, you soaked me with a garden hose. On our second meeting you set out your life goals – you far exceeded them. Soon after I remember we were in Mallorca and you went out for the evening wearing a starched Victorian nightdress; the Welman signature style firmly established. These memories, along with so many others, sum you up. You lived, you laughed and you loved. You remain number 1 on my list of inspirational women and you will never be forgotten. Our family loved the times spent in Dorset with you and yours, your kindness and time always such fun. Your creative legacy is amazing but your most outstanding achievement, with Jonathon, are your wonderful children. Ophelia, Jasper, Chloe and Oscar we were so proud of you at Karen’s service and we know that you will continue to make your parents proud as you make your way in this world. To have two amazing and loving parents has been a real gift. It’s going to be hard, but with your wonderful father alongside you, you will all be fine. We are thinking of you and send our love to each of you.
    Your sparkle will remain with us all Karen, no doubt it is still being sprinkled.
    Much love Janet, Gordon, Harriet and Tom Purvis xxxx

    Janet Purvis
  15. In memory of Karen, May your wonderful spirit live on in your beautiful Dorset garden,
    Love Baz, Claire , Maya, Ollie & Ben Whitman X

    Claire & Baz Whitman
  16. We hope this memorial garden in Karens memory will bring you much comfort.
    With love, Shirley, Malcolm, Susan & Peter .

    Susan Leonard ( Ford)
  17. Karen – I really can say you were the most inspirational person in my life. Your spirit, wicked sense of humour, drive and tenacity were just amazing to experience. I will never forget how you taught me to question everything.. if someone says no.. why not… ah come on I’m sure you can do it.. this will be my mantra going forwards. I will miss you and our little chats so much.
    To Jonno, Ophelia, Chloe, Oscar and Jasper – I’m so sorry for your loss and I really hope the memorial garden provides a space for you to cherish fond memories.
    Much Love

    Jen Newell
  18. Karen,
    From the day we met you never failed to make us laugh. You were mischievous and had a wicked sense of humour which we stretched to the limit with the tricks we played on each other. When you introduced us to Jonathan we knew this was just the beginning of a great life that you were to lead but it was much more than that… You were loved by everyone who knew you.
    You inspired integrity in those around you and encouraged them to be the best they could be. You were dynamic and fun to be around, living a great and meaningful life and role modelled what it means to live life to the full.
    We are comforted knowing that so many people felt and remember your influence but it makes it no less difficult for us to come to terms with our loss and why you are no longer with us, but you will never be forgotten.
    You have left a huge legacy behind in your children, who are wonderful and so talented.

    Jonathan, Jasper, Ophelia, Chloe and Oscar,
    Karen was an inspiration to everyone around her. Hold on tight to her wisdom and her memories, she is there, watching you and smiling.
    We will look forward to sitting in the Ornamental Tree Garden at Bucknowle with you.
    Lots of love,
    Shirley, Phil, Tom, Freddie, Richard & George

    Shirley Crowther
  19. I am glad I was able to be part of her beautiful send off at her amazing family home in Wareham

    George Crowther
  20. Karen, I am still in shock that you are not here. It was such a great gift to have known you. You were one of the most energetic, funny (crazy at times) person in my life. I can’t believe we were out drinking in March this year and both of us lamenting about turning 60 this year. I made it to that birthday and you didn’t. I went to one of your favourite places – not far from where your house is and thought of you often. I shall me you.

    Liz Dunning

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