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Robert Humphrey Howie

A Memorial Service to remember Robert will be held as soon as circumstances allow.

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  1. On the 9th April 2020, my father; Rob Howie passed away as the pink full moon was to be seen in the night sky depicting the start of spring!

    What a husband, father, grandfather, uncle, great uncle, father-in-law, great father-in-law and was soon to be great great grandfather, he was! There are so many memories and moments to be remembered and above all the incredible light that my father was in everyone’s life!

    For 56 years my father has been part of my life and has been such an inspiration to me I owe so much of the person I have become to his guidance and his belief in following your dream and, to always get back on the horse and to try again!
    He was always there for us as children a good listening ear and, always ready to help or in my sister’s case, get her out of trouble before our mother found out!

    He has been an incredible grandfather and his grandchildren will take his wisdom and memories with them for the rest of their lives!

    He enjoyed life to the full and was always ready to join in and celebrate where ever he could. He had a beautiful singing voice which he used all his life starting out as a chorister at King’s School, in Canterbury Cathedral to recently being part of the choir in the church and Rising Voices to whom he has asked us to make donations.

    My father struggled greatly with the loss of our beloved Jane and we have peace with the knowledge that he has joined her again.

    He touched many people’s hearts and will always be the guiding light we will need as we all continue our life’s journey without him.

    Daddy rest in peace!

    Fiona Anne de Bruin Howie
  2. Rob was always cheerful, considerate and caring. In many small ways he lightened up people’s life. With all the peculiarities that make a person like Rob so human. He was always in for helping out the family, interested in how his children and grandchildren were doing, and always very much part of our lives. It was wonderful how, well over 80, he would fly across the country to join his grandsons to join them to watch a football match and for some nice tipples afterwards. And wonderfull how he would cross the channel to play golf with his mates and grandchild. He found joy in many small things and great comfort in his choir singing.
    Luckily his health stayed with him to a respectable age and allowed him to live to the fullest.
    It is a privilige and honour to call Rob my father in law and dear friend.
    Dear Rob, I will miss you very much, but you will live on in the minds and hearts of many people.
    May you rest in peace

    Louis de Bruin
  3. Uncle Rob will be greatly missed by many.
    Despite his age, he was still very young at heart. Nothing was too much effort for him. He would be at every family celebration without fail. He was very sociable & would speak to anyone. He loved going to watch football, playing bowls & golf and singing in the choir group.
    He was a true gent & always caring & considerate of others.
    He was an exceptional example of how to live life to the full, no matter what your age or ailments.
    His passing will leave a void in many lives here but his memory will live on with us.
    He’ll definitely be creating other lovely memories elsewhere.

    Sarah Purnell
  4. Dear Fiona and family,

    We are sad to hear about the passing away of our special friend. Rob, Anita and I met in Calais, Hotel George V on 18 October 2000 (according my log book).

    Later we met a couple of times and last time with you and my wife in Bournemouth.

    We wish you and everybody who loved him strength, courage and best souvenirs!

    All the best and keep healthy!

    Our thoughts are with you!

    Ruth and Eric

    Eric Epple, Le Vaud Switzerland
  5. Dear Fiona

    I am so sorry to receive this email. As you know I knew your Dad for so many years (around thirty I think). He was always so helpful to me and we always got on so well, especially if we were chatting about his beloved Cherries.

    Thinking of you and the whole family at this time.

    Kind regards


    Marc Andrews, Bournemouth
  6. Dear Anita, Fiona and Mark and your families
    I am truly sorry for the loss of your beloved husband, father and grandfather. From the age of 12, when I first knew Fiona at school in Taunton , I got to learn that Rob was a kind, generous and heartfelt man to his family, friends and those that knew him and he will be so very much missed. My thoughts, prayers and love to you all.
    Angela xxxxx

    Angela Heath
  7. Dearest Fiona and family,
    I am so very sorry for your loss. It always seemed to me that Rob was the centre of your family and a rock upon which you all depended and a star to which you all gravitated. I know he will be deeply missed and we are thinking of you all with much love, Kelly, Alexander and Kyle🌷

    Kelly Werner
  8. Dear Anita, Fiona, Mark and your families,
    I did not know Rob as well as others but I certainly felt I knew a lot about him through Fiona.
    I remember the time when Fiona visited me here in Germany with both her parents.It was in December ,we visited the wine cellar and tasted different wines from the area .Rob was well impressed ,he bought numerous bottles to take home with him!
    Fiona drove us to Bonn,we went to the Xmas Market,this is where her parents were introduced to the traditional Rösti (Fried potato cakes) from one of the many food stalls.Not to mention a few mulled wines to go with it(good job Fiona was driving!)
    By mentioning just this one occasion made me realise how Rob appreciated life and other countries cultures and traditions.
    He was a sincere, friendly man,always interested in others and a particularly good listener.
    Rob will be sadly missed but it is a comfort to know that he is at peace and with Jane.
    You are all in my thoughts and prayers at this difficult time.
    Dear Rob ,Rest In Peace ✝️
    Lots of love Debra 💐

    Debra Stretch
  9. Dear Anita, Fiona, Mark and all your families,

    I am so very sorry for your loss. Rob was much loved by all his family and friends. His passing will leave an empty space in so many lives. You will always have your memories of him to cherish and give you some comfort.

    In recent years I always marvelled at Fiona’s many stories of her father’s continued zest for life – his travels, his choir and his love of AFC Bournemouth!

    Thinking of you at this very sad time.
    Much love to you all. ♥️
    Susan Maclennan xx

    Susan Maclennan
  10. My sincere condolences to Mrs. Howie and all families.
    I have very good memories meeting mr. & mrs. Howie in Amstelveen and Bussum.
    Rest in peace dear mr. Howie.

    Rob van Tijen - Valkenswaard
  11. Finn and I met Rob through Jane and Andy and forged a bond over our love of AFC Bournemouth that has lasted ten or more years. We have loved going to the match with Rob, enjoying the pre game trip to the bar, the excitement, the disappointments, but ultimately the joy of that shared experience. It would not have been, and will not be, the same without him.
    We will remember Rob for so many things, far too many to list here, but at the top would be his good heartedness, his generosity, his love of a story, and his positivity.
    Much loved by us and much missed.

    Brendan and Finn Smith
  12. Lieve Fiona ,
    As you know, we only saw Rob occasionally, when your parents were visiting you, Louis and the boys in Holland. But invariably, we always met a joyful, warm and good humoured man who always showed his interest in us too. You always spoke of your father with so much love, and we understood why.

    Dearest Fiona, Mrs Howie, Mark and the rest of the family, we wish you lots of strengths with carrying the loss of Rob. Rob gave you good memories for comfort.
    Much love to you all,

    Sandra & Henk van Tijen
  13. Dear Family Howie , relatives, and friends,

    My deepest condolences with the loss of Rob, your so much loved husband, father, father in law, grandfather, and above all friend.

    Every time when I had the honor to meet Rob, it felt like meeting an old friend, and it was always a pleasure to have good conversations, where Rob always impressed with a brilliant sense of humor.

    You will all miss him very much, and I do wish you all lot’s of strength in difficult days to come. However you can be absolutely sure that soon the good memories of this positive person that Rob was, will win from the grief.

    The good memories will support you always and forever.

    All the best and much love to you all,

    Rolf en Iris

    Rolf en Iris Mulder
  14. Dear Anita, Fiona, Mark, partners and grandchildren, and all those who loved Rob,
    Ever since Fiona and I met each other, some thirty years ago, we also got to know Anita, Rob and Jane. Having grown up in one of the former British colonies, the English way of celebrating life, of talking, of exchanging things was so familiar to me. And therefore Fiona’s Dad and Mom and sister always felt as my own family. We always made sure to meet Anita and Rob when they were in NL as we looked forward to seeing them. Rob mastered the pronunciation of our very Dutch/Frisian names as if he was a Dutchman, with a sparkle in his eyes! Lively discussions went on (a.o. on the Brexit), also with my parents, who were also very fond of Rob and Anita. We are very sad that he has now passed away and that Anita has to miss her sweet husband, Fiona and Mark their father, their partners their father in law, and the grandchildren their grandfather. Such an example for life Rob was, such an honour to have known him. Love from us all, Riemke, Harm, Pien, Noud and Roos van der Pol-Born

    Riemke & Harm van der Pol-Born
  15. Dear Fiona,
    Please receive my deepest condolences for your father.
    Rob and your family are part of my memory and inseparable from my very first steps in English : as a 7year old girl and later on.
    I will never forget him.


    Natacha Duvallon
  16. Dear Anita and all the family
    We were so terribly sorry to hear the sad news about Rob. What a truly wonderful man he was. Always a huge smile and lovely conversation whenever we saw him. He would make us laugh without fail and he was always so interested. One of a kind. We are thinking about you at this very sad time and sending lots of love your way.

    Alison and Ashley
  17. Rob was a valued member of Rising Voices Wessex. He joined us after the death of his daughter Jane and used singing to help with his bereavement. He found support and friendship in the choir and we all enjoyed his sense of humour and warm personality. He enjoyed the performances we did and indeed helped us to set up and prepare for many an event. However the ones that particularly stick in my mind are our first Big Sing we held when he introduced us to his family (a special day as it was the anniversary of Jane’s passing). Much more recently I remember the choir members pleasure at seeing him at our Westbourne event at Christmas (when his surgery had been delayed). We had fun not only at choir but when Rob arranged for us all to go bowling. Such a warm and caring gentle man, we will all miss him.

    Noeline Young, Rising Voices Wessex
  18. Rob was a valued member of Rising Voices Wessex. He joined us after the death of his daughter Jane and used singing to help with his bereavement. He found support and friendship in the choir and we all enjoyed his sense of humour and warm personality. He enjoyed the performances we did and indeed helped us to set up and prepare for many an event. However the ones that particularly stick in my mind are our first Big Sing we held when he introduced us to his family (a special day as it was the anniversary of Jane’s passing). Much more recently I remember the choir members pleasure at seeing him at our Westbourne event at Christmas (when his surgery had been delayed). We had fun not only at choir but when Rob arranged for us all to go bowling. Such a warm and caring gentle man, we will all miss him. Anita, Mark and Fiona are all in our thoughts at this time.

    Noeline Young, Rising Voices Wessex
  19. Just a few of the messages received from Rising Voices Wessex choir members.

    I want to add my sincerest condolences to all who loved Rob, he was a wonderful warm man who will be sadly missed by all of us at choir. Best wishes, Susi.

    Rest in peace Rob. Going to miss your smile, your hugs and humour. Condolences to your family. Colette.

    So very sorry to hear about Rob, very sad news, good bless, Sonya.

    RIP our friend Rob, such a lovely man always willing to help, June.

    Such sad news at this time. Please pass in my condolences to his family, Pat D x

    Thank you for your thoughts and singing for our member, please add my condolences to his family, such a sad time. Kind regards, Christina

    I know in our choir which is so special we really do feel so sad when we lose one of our members.
    Hope you and your family are keeping well. Love Joan.

    It is a very sad time for everyone and it makes it even more so when someone you know passes away. I would like to send my condolences to his family at this difficult time.
    With kind regards, Diane

    Members of Rising Voices Wessex
  20. I first meet Rob twenty years ago at a golf academy.
    He said had he not listen to me over the years he would have been a good golfer.
    I don’t no what he means !!
    My very good friend Rob.
    Love Pearl & Mike.

    Mike Henderson
  21. Anita, Mark & Foina

    It was with great sadness that we heard of Robs passing.

    With our golf connections we spent many hours in his joyous company.

    Rob was one of life’s true gentlemen and will be sadly missed by his many friends at Bulbury Woods Golf Club.

    Please remember the many happy memories you have had and God keep you all safe at this time.

    With deepest sympathy

    Ann & Ian Robinson
  22. Dear Anita,
    We were so very sorry to hear your very sad news. Everyone at the Bowls Club has such fond memories of Rob . Do you remember Anita when we were in Bembridge on Isle of Wight and you were both up late with us in the bar ( all the younger ones had gone to bed!) and we were all singing along with the entertainer!! It was great fun. We shall look forward to seeing you again Anita in the not too distant future.
    Very Best Wishes Karen & Ron

    Ron and Karen Rees
  23. Barry and I were so sorry to hear about Rob, he was a lovely man – great fun and with the ability to make me laugh at the wrong moments! He will be much missed by our Church choir at the Carol Service and other special services. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all at this sad time.

    Jill Ditum
  24. Rob started singing with the All Saints’ choir in 2017, on festive occasions, when our regular choir with only a very few men, struggled to find suitable anthems to sing in four-part harmony. Rob’s infectious enthusiasm for singing was clear for all to see, but he was determined to sing his bass part correctly too. Being able to read music only sketchily, it was only through his sheer doggedness that he mastered it, & was then able to sing the harmony with feeling, using his rich bass voice. The choir will miss Rob’s warm, generous & positive spirit – he was a lovely cheery man with a wonderful outlook on life.
    Thank you Mark, for letting me know this very sad news, & on behalf of all the choir at All Saints’ I send you & all your family our very sincere condolences.

    Janet O’Connor, choir secretary at All Saints’
  25. We have known Rob and Anita since they joined Argyll. Rob was always fun to be with. He frequently laughed at himself but never at others. He really did have a happy, sunny disposition.
    At Argyll Rob volunteered to captain one of the Saturday teams and also to organise the club competitions. John was Club Captain at the same time and they had fun together sorting out the trophies and organising the events. the perfect club member!
    He and Anita also lived through the tragedy of losing their daughter Jane to cancer. Rob needed to be, and was, a tower of strength to Anita and the family even though he was himself devastated.
    The aftermath led him to resume singing with Rising Voices and later also with a church choir. The choir gave him an outlet, shared with other singers, to come to terms with his grief.
    But of the greatest importance in Rob’s life was his family. He and Anita were with them at every possible opportunity, travelling frequently to Holland and also memorably to Barcelona.
    Rob lived his life to the full. And he had the great gift of never taking himself too seriously.
    Many of us will miss him; and we will be there for Anita when she is ready to be in company.

    John and Jan Crowe
  26. I played two friendly bowling matches with Rob near the end of the season. He came to me after the match to say how much he had enjoyed playing with me, which was very nice of him. We had a lovely friendly match with lots of laughter.
    He was a pleasure to play with, lovely kind gentle man. That is how I will remember him.

    Mairead Holbrook
  27. ROB,
    Friend, long-time golfing buddy, jokestar and Cherries fan.
    We always thought of Rob as noble, honest and caring.
    When this awful virus has passed Alan and the rest of the golfing group will have their own private wake at the Golf Club to honour his memory and inevitably his name will crop up from time to time. He will not be forgotten.
    Our thoughts are with Anita and all the family at this sad time.
    Alan and Thelma

    Alan & Thelma Waterhouse
  28. Dear Anita, Fiona, Mark and families,

    Jon and I are so very sorry to hear about Rob. He was such a gorgeous, wonderful man and was always so chatty, friendly and positive.

    He used to pop into Jon’s garage regularly for a coffee and a chat about football and cars and we last saw him at Arabella’s birthday party where we chatted to him and Anita for ages.

    Jane used to speak so highly of both Rob and Anita and I felt like I really knew them even before I had met them properly. Rob will be up there in Heaven right now with Jane having a right old knees-up and updating her on all the goings on down here on Earth.

    Thinking of you and your family at this difficult time and sending lots of love xxxx

    Alison and Jon
  29. Grandpa you will be very much missed by us all. You will always be remembered as someone who is loving, thoughtful and determined to experience and enjoy the fun parts of life. The fond and early memories I still have of us as a family would be when we would come to visit both you and Grandma in Bournemouth during our summer holidays. These are lifelong memories which we shared together, experiencing the nice summer days at Bournemouth beach, learning to play golf at the Bulbury Woods Golf Club, cheering the Cherries on their road to the Premier League and of course learning how to worry about absolutely nothing!     

    You were always someone who was young at heart! I remember a couple of years ago when I called you to inform you that I would be visiting Ruben for a couple of days in Glasgow, immediately you thought that was a great idea and you decided to book a ticket as well. The three of us were adamant to watch Ajax that week because they were playing Celtic in the Europa League, I remember the three of us standing in the stands of Celtic Park cheering Ajax on! I remember you saying that regardless of the language you were able to sing along with all the songs, while on your feet for the most part of the game. The next day we thought it was a good idea to visit one of the nearby Whiskey Distilleries, Auchentoshan. We were having so much fun there, especially at the bar trying the different of varieties of Whiskey’s offered by the barman, that we missed the last bus back to Glasgow. Via Google maps, we saw that the nearest train station was a 20-minute walk, which was I our only option. The walk actually went quicker than expected however, we had some obstacle on our way, such as climbing a fence and walking up a hill without any light to guide us. For someone who was 85 at the time age didn’t matter, it was all about having fun, enjoying each others company and of course enjoying the Scottish Whiskey! I remember the three of us having so much fun, this is one of the many great experiences I have had with you over the last 27 years. 

    May you rest in peace Grandpa!

    Barend de Bruin
  30. Merci pour ton message, Fiona.
    Nous vous présentons, à Anita, à toi et à Mark nos très sincères condoléances.
    Nous avons été très émus d’apprendre le décès de Rob.
    Nous avons peu communiqué au cours de l’année 2019 car nous avions des soucis de santé… Maintenant, cela va mieux.
    Nous imaginons combien l’absence de Rob sera douloureuse pour Anita. Nous lui adressons nos meilleurs vœux de réconfort.

    Amitiés à toute la famille.

    Nano et Marc.

  31. Dear Anita, Fiona and Mark

    I was deeply saddened to hear of the passing of dear Rob. Over the last two years or so, he has been a keen supporter of the All Saint’s Choir and had helped us on many occasions at festival times and other services. He was a great stimulus to us all with his cheeky smile and wonderful outlook on life. The phrase “Up the Cherries!” could often be heard as he left the Vestry door and I often spotted him at Dean Court where he avidly followed AFC Bournemouth.
    His memory will linger on in our hearts as one of life’s great examples of courage, determination and a great inspiration to us all.
    God bless you Rob and rest in peace.
    With my sincere condolences..

    JOHN WAY (Organist at All Saints')
  32. Dear Anita, Mark, Fiona and family.
    Rob and I were at the King’s School Canterbury at the same time, so one might say we have known each other for 73 years! However it was not until we met on the golf course after retirement that we became very good friends. Memorable times of playing at home and away in Cornwall and Normandy always produced a lot of leg pulling, laughs, the occasional glass of wine and some golf!
    Rob was always so very proud of all his family and delighted in telling us about the achievements of his lovely Grandchildren.
    Rob, we shall miss you very much, but will always remember your cheery face, sense of humour and those priceless remarks when you did a good shot – “was that me?” – yes it was.
    We shall not forget.

    David and Jenny Coupe
  33. Rob and Anita made us so welcome when we moved into Farrington and were lovely neighbours. We always enjoyed the Rising Voices concerts when Rob and his colleagues generated such passion and joy. We will sadly miss such a marvellous man.

    Barry and Jennifer Zabell
  34. I was going to write something about my Dad.
    But then I read all the beautiful heart-warming comments from so many people, that so wonderfully described the person thats was my dad.
    So I just want to say thank you for so beautifully portraying what a wonderful human being he was to so many.
    It really means so much to Anita, me and Fiona.
    Thank you all
    Dad, rest peacefully with my little sister Jane.

  35. Dear Anita and all the family. My first memory of Rob & Anita was just after joining the Argyll Bowling Club, Rob bounced into the club to offer in any way that he could his services, which was excepted and he became match secretary for that year without any previous experience. He used to rush in to our bridge sessions, just making it in time to partner Anita, after getting his round of golf in first. He was a man of fun, good humour and full of enthusiasm for everything he did. He will be sorely missed.

    Jeff Lewin Argyll Bowls Club
  36. Dear Anita and all the family,
    We are so sorry to hear the very sad news about Rob. He was most certainly one of a kind – a caring and compassionate gentleman for whom I will always have the hugest respect for. I first met Rob while at College with Jane 33 years ago, and he was without doubt a truly wonderful dad with a big smile and a heart of gold. You are All in our thoughts and prayers. Rest In Peace with dearest Jane. Love Kate and Richard xx

    Kate and Richard Taylor
  37. Sincere condolences from the whole team at Rob’s alma mater, the King’s School, Canterbury,
    as well as best wishes to all the family at this difficult and sad time for you all.
    King’s is a historic and warm-hearted community where there is a great tradition of singing and the development of character. I understand that Rob had bucket loads of qualities in these respects, so we
    show pride and convey thanks for all he achieved across such a fulfilling life,
    Peter Roberts,

    Peter Roberts

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