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At Lesley Shand Funeral Service, we believe in the power of personal connections and the importance of understanding the individuals who make our services special. We're thrilled to introduce Lucy Lester, our dedicated branch manager at Corfe Mullen and Blandford. Join us as we explore her journey, insights, and the values she brings to Lesley Shand through a candid Q&A session.

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Background and Career Path


Lucy presenting awards to the Broadstone Wessex Bowls Club

Q: Can you share a little about your background and what brought you to this profession?
A: “I have always worked in environments where empathy and understanding are vital. My career path has deliberately brought me to this profession.”


Q: How do you envisage the future of Lesley Shand Funeral Service under your leadership?

A: “To be a strong part of the community, supporting local charities and clubs, and running our own bereavement groups.”


Q: What inspired you to join the funeral service industry?
A: “Being able to support families with the arrangement of the last ‘Goodbye’ that they wish for a loved one and being there to help them through the whole process and often beyond”

Being Part of the Douch Family Funeral Directors


Lesley Shand hosting the local Home Watch group

Q: How has your experience been so far managing both the Corfe Mullen and Blandford branches of Lesley Shand Funeral Service?

A: “It has been a very rewarding and enjoyable experience.”


Q: How have the communities of Corfe Mullen and Blandford welcomed you since you started in January?

A: “It’s been wonderful getting to know both communities, meeting local figures, and engaging with groups like the Corfe Mullen Home Watch.”


Q: What sets the Lesley Shand branches apart from other funeral services in the area?

A: “Our committed team focuses strongly on the community and ensures each funeral service is arranged according to family wishes, no matter how unique.”


Members of Douch Family Funeral Directors

Q: How does being part of the Douch Family Funeral Directors enrich the services offered at Lesley Shand?

A: “It feels like being part of a large family. The support across all branches helps us always put our client families first.”


Q: How have the Ceremony Rooms at both branches impacted the funeral services you provide?

A: “They offer a warm, intimate setting for gatherings of up to around forty people, reducing stress for families regarding transport and parking.”


Q: With the evolving needs and preferences of families, how do you keep the services at Lesley Shand up-to-date?

A: “We listen carefully to our families’ wishes and then start planning the funeral around them.”


Q: How do you work with families to personalise funeral services to their needs?

A: “We listen to a family’s wishes and do whatever we can to make the funeral as personal and individual as they want.”


Q: How do you ensure that each funeral service is a fitting tribute to the deceased?

A: “We listen to families, respect the deceased from their first journey with us, and create unique tributes, considering their favourite colours or hobbies.”


Q: What’s the most fulfilling part of your job?

A: “Receiving great feedback and thanks from our families. It makes me proud of the team and their hard work.”


Q: Can you share a memorable experience or story from your time at Lesley Shand so far?

A: “After losing my aunt, the support from the Lesley Shand team was incredible, both for me…”

Personal life and passions


Q: How do you find a balance between your professional and personal life?

A: “I never truly switch off, but cooking and baking at home are my therapeutic ways to find that balance.”


Q: What are some values or life lessons that you bring into your role as a branch manager?

A: “Understanding each client and the diverse effects of grief is crucial. Honesty and integrity are fundamental in providing excellent service.”


Q: Outside of work, what are your passions or hobbies?

A: “I love being outdoors, walking our two Shih Tzus, and enjoying the fabulous environment, be it on the beach or in the forest.”


Q: What’s your favourite local spot in either Corfe Mullen or Blandford to relax and unwind?

A: “In Corfe Mullen, I love walking on the common. In Blandford, the grounds of the main church are my favourite spot.”


Q: If you could recommend one book or film that has impacted your perspective on life, what would it be?

Lucy Lester

A: “The Wind in the Willows. It teaches to be kind, help others, and never go to the Wild Wood alone.”


Q: How do you decompress or take care of your mental well-being, given the emotional nature of your job?

A: “A long walk with the dogs is my go-to for decompression!”


Q: Who has been your biggest inspiration in life?

A: “My Dad. He has supported me, never judged, advised wisely, and taught me the importance of laughter, love, and resilience.”