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A Guide To Non-Religious Funerals


When it comes to planning a funeral, there are different ways to celebrate someone’s life. It’s important to consider people’s individual beliefs to create a personalised and respectful funeral.

With the demand for humanist or non-religious funerals increasing, more funeral directors and families are adapting to this change. When looking to plan a non-religious funeral service, here is some guidance to keep in mind.

What is a non-religious funeral service?

A non-religious funeral service is literally a ceremony that is non-religious. It is both a way of celebrating a person’s life as well as giving them an honourable farewell. A non-religious funeral service allows you to commemorate the life of a loved one without incorporating religious elements into the service. This helps people recognise their grief in a personal manner.

The aim of a non-religious funeral service is to keep the ceremony individualised. This includes focusing on the life of a loved one lost above anything else, as opposed to following specific religious guidelines, each non-religious funeral is unique.

How can you personalise a non-religious funeral?

Every funeral, religious, and non-religious can be personalised. In particular with non-religious funeral services, there are no rules to what can be included. Regardless of your beliefs, here are some elements to consider including:

  • Music for introducing and closing the service
  • Family and friends paying tribute to a loved one
  • A moment of silence for reflection
  • Personal readings and eulogies from family members and friends
  • Closing words from the funeral celebrant
  • A wake or social gathering after the funeral
  • Catering or flowers to include during or after the service

Who should speak or lead a non-religious funeral service?

Usually, a non-religious funeral celebrant will be appointed for preparing and administering a non-religious ceremony. This person will help execute a non-religious funeral service to the highest of quality whilst having no religious ties.

As well as opting for a funeral celebrant, you can also ask a close friend or family member. This helps make the service even more personalised for those attending.

Choosing a non-religious funeral service plan

For choosing a non-religious funeral plan, the best approach is to speak to your local funeral directors. This way you can gather the information needed and review which option you wish to take. Not all funeral directors will accommodate a non-religious funeral service, especially if they are based on one religious belief. At Douch Family Funeral Directors, we welcome all funeral types. These range from cremations, to cemetery burials, non-religious funeral services, and more. We also have several branches across Dorset where you can visit and speak to a local funeral director.

If you are looking for a personal non-religious funeral service for your loved one, please get in touch. Douch Family Funeral Directors are here to help you pay tribute in your own way. We have packages available and can tailor your funeral to your requirements.

We also provide bereavement support so you don’t have to go through these challenging times alone. Contact your nearest local funeral directors branch today or call 01202 367307 for general enquiries.


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