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Advice For Choosing A Casket For Ashes

Choosing a suitable ashes casket to remember your loved one can be more difficult than expected. After all, many decisions go into arranging a funeral and it is often the seemingly less significant ones that can challenge us the most. At Douch Family Funeral Directors, we understand the importance of ensuring every detail is right and aim to make those difficult decisions a little clearer. Read our advice below on choosing a casket for ashes.

What Is An Ashes Casket?

A casket for ashes is usually a container used for storing cremated remains. Most caskets will contain a secondary internal box or pouch that holds the ashes themselves. These internal compartments can then be removed for scattering or burying, leaving the outer box to be used as a memory box holding precious moments and treasures.

Ashes caskets can come in a range of materials and sizes, most typically being made of solid-wood, rattan, or willow weave.

What Is The Difference Between An Ashes Casket And An Urn?

An urn tends to be the vessel that cremated remains are stored in, and can come in many shapes – though most traditional urns are vase-like and can be displayed as an ornament. A casket for ashes, on the other hand, is more often an outer box for a vessel to be stored within.
As well as caskets for ashes, we also have a wide selection of funeral urns available at Douch Family Funeral Directors.

What To Consider When Choosing An Ashes Casket

When it comes to choosing a suitable casket for ashes, there are several key points that are worth taking your time over.

Deciding On A Suitable Material

The outer shell an ashes casket is made of plays a significant part in its overall impression, and is therefore one of the first points to consider. The most traditional choice is a wooden casket for ashes, with solid-wood options including oak, mahogany, and bamboo. A bamboo or oak casket for ashes will tend to be lighter in tone than mahogany, which is a much darker wood.

Another popular option is a rattan or willow ashes casket. The benefit of these is that they are lighter, more eco-friendly, and some of our range of rattan and willow ashes caskets are also biodegradable.


Many ashes caskets available from Douch Family Funeral Directors come with the option of personalising the casket to commemorate your loved one.

Our wooden caskets for ashes can feature a brass-coloured plaque, allowing you to include the deceased’s name and a small message. Some of our willow ashes caskets come in a choice of colours with a further option to also include decorative banding.


The budget available to you is likely to play a part in determining the most suitable ashes casket. Typically going for a solid-wood finish, such as an oak casket for ashes, will cost a little more than a rattan ashes casket. That said, the range of caskets for ashes available from Douch Family Funeral Directors are all of similar, reasonable cost, with prices beginning from £75 including VAT.

If you or someone you know would benefit from help selecting the most suitable casket for ashes, please get in touch today. You can browse our selection of askes caskets on our online store or speak to a member of our team. Reach us by calling 01202 367307 or by filling out our contact form.


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