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Are Community Groups Still Allowed To Meet? How We Are Adapting To Changing Regulations


As local funeral directors, we are committed to maintaining our bereavement support in Dorset throughout the pandemic. We set up our community support groups and events, to connect to the community and provide support and with regulations frequently changing, we’ve had to adapt our community events. This is to ensure people can still stay safe without halting their much-needed support. Find out more information below on the bereavement support groups that are still going ahead.

Knit & Natter Groups Over Zoom

We are Crafty Knit & Natter Groups is the name of one of our social community support groups. This is where we catch up as a group and converse whilst enjoying some knitting.  Our local knitting groups are a great way of making new friendships and connections. Even more so, they offer important social contact to those who are even more isolated during these difficult times. Unfortunately, we have had to put a pause on face to face knitting groups, however, we are so pleased to still be able to run our local knitting groups via zoom. These are still running weekly every Thursday in two groups of sessions, get in touch to find out more.

Bereavement Support Groups

The purpose of our bereavement support groups is for people to share their stories with others who have experienced their own loss. This is an essential method to help cope with grief and provides a sense of unity. Connecting with other individuals who have lost loved ones allows people to come together in times of grief. This helps people recognise they are not alone and that there are others also going through the same.

We have kept running our bereavement support in Dorset as this remains critical to those suffering from loss. These are still held in person, but we have adapted and split the numbers into smaller groups. By doing so, we can follow government regulations whilst ensuring no one is left without support. Our bereavement support groups are available in different local areas, speak to a member from your local funeral directors branch for further information.

Keep Up With The Latest Community Events

Since the start of the pandemic, we have learnt that the times we are living in are unpredictable. We understand grief in these times is even more difficult due to isolation. Seeing the difference our community support groups make for individuals is what makes this even more worthwhile. Now more than ever, our groups have played a crucial part in providing bereavement support. We regularly update our community events page with upcoming bereavement support groups and local knitting groups. This is the best way to keep up with the community support groups that are still going ahead.

We hope that as regulations start to ease, we can get back to offering more of our support services and events. At Douch Family Funeral Directions we stay dedicated to providing around the clock support and value the importance of being part of a community. If you require bereavement support in Dorset, get in touch with us. We have several local funeral director branches across Dorset. Call your nearest branch to find out what events are still happening near you. For general enquiries, call 01202 367 307.


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