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How Funeral Services Have Been Affected By Coronavirus

Throughout the different stages of the pandemic, restrictions have both eased and tightened. All of our local funeral directors in Dorset have seen first-hand the profound impact the pandemic has had not only on funeral services but on our community. As a result, we have had to adapt the way we provide funeral service arrangements. We discuss below how the coronavirus pandemic has affected our funeral services in Dorset.

More non-traditional funeral services

One aspect we have seen a notable change in is the increase in non-religious funeral and more personalised services. Due to restrictions on the numbers who can attend funerals, larger funeral gatherings were no longer permitted. Other key elements from traditional funerals were only allowed in unique circumstances. These traditional elements included bearing the coffin into chapels and mass family gatherings.

Although funerals were initially exempt from the public gatherings ban, this unfortunately changed as we learnt more about how the virus spreads. Places of worship had to close which affected the number of traditional venues available.

The increased deaths and the low number of traditional venues left many with few funeral service arrangement options. Because of this, more people had to alter their preferred funeral arrangement plans. Our branch Ceremony Rooms ensured families had an alternative venue, away from a busy Crematorium chapel, enabling us to offer a more personalised and intimate funeral service throughout the pandemic. However, we hope our funeral services in Dorset can soon return to normal.

It’s now much easier to register deaths

The coronavirus pandemic has made it easier for people to register deaths online. Be

fore, registration took place via face to face appointments. But now, everything can be done over the telephone or online for a much safer option.

If you are unsure of how you can register a death online, contact one of our funeral directors in Dorset and we can assist you. We also have a guide on how to arrange a funeral during COVID-19 with further advice and information.

how-funeral-services-have-changed-because-of-coronavirusLive streaming services are now available

Live streaming funeral services were put in place so that families who could not attend the funeral could still be there. We understand that this is not the same as being there in person, but this service has remained vital to so many who cannot attend. In particular, for families who live abroad, the use of online streaming services has allowed them to still commemorate their loved ones. The introduction of Zoom Rooms into our Ceremony Rooms means that friends or family who are unable to attend the service can engage with others at the flick of a switch. We expect to continue these virtual funeral service arrangements post-pandemic for all those that need them. Despite the strict limitations in place, we have tried our best to accommodate our community.

For the latest information on the current regulations for funeral service arrangements, contact your local Douch funeral director. We have several branches located across the county and are here to help you. Whether you would like a non-traditional funeral for your loved one, or something more specific, get in touch and we will try our best to meet your needs. Call 01202 367 307 for any general enquiries, or find the contact details for your local branch.


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