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Introducing Our Geert Kunen Designer Urns Collection

Geert Kunen is a renowned ceramicist who makes beautiful, handmade designer urns. Kunen creates his unique pieces by hand and once complete, his creations turn into expressive and artistic keepsakes. Geert Kunen makes all of his funeral urns for ashes with premium-quality clay and coats in either silver or bronze. Many people opt for his designer urns to hold the ashes of their loved ones because of how visually stunning and meaningful they are. His ceramic cremation urns are also suitable for placing both indoors and outdoors. Discover more on Geert Kunen’s designer collection of urns available at Douch Family Funeral Directors.


Geert Kunen Cremation Urns Collection

Geert Kunen’s funeral urns for ashes are not only durable and secure, his designs also visually appealing. Having created ceramic urns for over 40 years, Geert Kunen’s expertise is unrivalled and his creations hold a lot of sentimental value to many of our customers who purchase them.

As opposed to a general urn, Geert Kunen creates cremation urns which are also identified as pieces of art. The artist has said, “I give shape to my creations from a deep inner feeling. This way, you can get a personal message or reminder from every urn”. Made in a contemporary style, the silver and bronze finishes complement an array of interior decors. As well as this, his designer urns fit perfectly with outside scenery, so each individual can place them wherever they please. Some of his most recognised pieces include the I Loved & Lost You, Forever Means A Lot, and heart bronze designer urns.

Sustainability is an important aspect to this artist, and as a result, he uses only natural clay and varnishes on every urn. In addition, his funeral urns for ashes are made in an electric oven which produces no emissions.

Where to buy Geert Kunen Designer Urns

Douch Family Funeral Directors have a variety of stunning cremation urns from Geert Kunen’s collection. Available in bronze and silver finishes, there is a wide range of these designer urns to match each individual. You can view the full Geert Kunen collection Douch Family Funeral Directors on our online store for urns and keepsakes.

Funeral Urns for Ashes & Keepsakes

Funeral urns for ashes are a way of keeping a small portion of loved ones remains in a memorial. These vary in styles, from traditional ceramic cremation urns to more unique urns from the Geert Kunen collection. A keepsake is another method of commemorating the life of a loved one. A keepsake is usually a smaller sized urn carrying a sentimental amount of ashes or meaningful objects such as cuddle stones.

We understand how difficult losing someone close can be and are here to offer any support we can. If you find yourself in need of a helping hand when experiencing loss, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have a range of resources for bereavement support and can provide advice on planning a personalised funeral service.

Douch Family Funeral Directors in Dorset

Douch Family Funeral Directors offer an extensive range of urns, keepsakes, candles, memorial jewellery and more on our online store. If you are looking for urns for ashes in Dorset, we have a beautiful selection available for delivery. For more information on our services or recommendations of our products, contact us today. Call your nearest Douch Family Funeral Directors branch or for general enquiries call 01202 367 307.


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