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Memorials Ideas Using Biodegradable Urns

After the death of a loved one, families have to choose between a traditional burial service or a cremation service. Cremations are becoming increasingly popular at our Family Funeral Directors. Because of this, our local funeral directors offer a variety of different urns to cater for a range of different requirements. Urns for ashes come in a number of sizes and designs. With an increased focus on environmentally friendly products, eco and biodegradable urns are some of our most popular products. Biodegradable urns offer several benefits over traditional urns for ashes. There are a number of environmentally friendly memorials that are popular when using biodegradable urns. Read on to find out more about eco-friendly urns and some of our top memorial ideas. 

What is a biodegradable urn?

The idea behind a biodegradable or eco urn is quite simple. Every eco urn uses 100% natural materials. One of the key characteristics of a biodegradable urn is that it will naturally degrade over time. The materials used will vary depending on the type of memorial service you require, but most importantly there will be no negative impact on the environment. 

Benefits of biodegradable urns

Biodegradable urns have a few advantages over traditional urns for ashes. Firstly, they are a lot kinder to the environment than any other type of burial service. As people are now more conscious about their environmental impact, this type of service is becoming more popular at our family funeral directors. Eco urns are also a nice way to memorialise someone, as their ashes go back into the environment and start new life. Because they are completely natural, biodegradable urns give families the freedom to choose a slightly different memorial service. As the urns use materials that degrade over time, memorial services do not have to be at a cemetery.  

Woodland burial

One of the most popular memorial services we offer using biodegradable urns is a woodland burial. There are hundreds of woodland burial sites across the country and at Douch Family Funeral Directors we offer woodland burial services at a range of local sites. Woodland burials have become a popular option as availability in traditional cemeteries and churchyards declines. Woodland burial services are a peaceful and beautiful way to say farewell to a loved one. Most woodland burial grounds will also plant a tree on the grave to memorialise a loved one. 

Burial at sea

A burial at sea works in a very similar way to a woodland burial. The biodegradable urn uses materials that dissolve in water. This type of memorial service is a very special way to say goodbye to a loved one and celebrate their life while out on the open seas. At Douch Family Funeral Directors we offer a scattering ashes at sea memorial service that takes groups of up to 12 out into Poole Harbour. A biodegradable scattering urn and a burial at sea service is the perfect send-off for anyone who loved being by the ocean. 

Types of biodegradable urns

There are 3 main types of biodegradable urns to choose from. Water urns for ashes are the ideal choice for a burial at sea. They float briefly before sinking, once submerged they begin to degrade after a couple of hours. Earth urns come in a variety of materials and designs. For a woodland burial service, we recommend using an earth urn. For those who want to scatter a loved one’s ashes, there are biodegradable scattering urns 

To view the full range of eco and biodegradable urns, visit the Douch Family Funeral Directors online store. For more information about our funeral services, get in contact with us. Speak to a member of our team by calling 01202 367307 


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