Woodland burials

With an ever increasing choice of Woodland Burial Grounds, having a green burial is straightforward. Most Woodland Burial Grounds will insist on using coffins that are environmentally friendly. Planting a tree rather than erecting a memorial also helps towards a greener funeral.


Modern cremators are becoming so sophisticated, a green funeral does not necessarily have to be a burial. Selected crematoria are able to renew the energy captured from their cremators to use for their own heat and light.

Our vehicles

All our vehicles have diesel engines and have considerably lower Co2 emissions than their petrol counterparts. We have a wide range of eco friendly coffins made using natural or recycled products sourced from within the UK. Dressing the deceased in natural fibres will help towards a greener funeral.

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Simply search the diary by surname to find details of the funeral you wish to attend. You'll be able to leave a message in the book of condolence, as well as find information about flower and donation wishes.