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At Douch Family Funeral Directors in Dorset, we understand that losing a loved one is hard. Whilst dealing with grief, you have the funeral plans and funeral service to think of, and then you are left with the big question: what to do with the ashes of your loved one? You want to ensure that they have the very best send-off from this world to the next. What you do with their ashes is like making one last memory with them, and you want to make it a great one.

Burial of Ashes

Traditionally ashes are interred in the local Churchyard or Cemetery. We can arrange all the necessary paperwork for you and you can choose the urn of your choice in our shop areas.


Urns & Keepsakes

Discover a beautiful range of urns and keepsakes. Shop online!


Scatter Ashes at Sea

There’s a comforting ‘completeness’ in returning a loved one’s ashes to the sea, to where all life began. And scattering ashes at sea is a service we now have the privilege to offer.

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Other Options

Ashes into Diamonds
Memorial diamonds made from ashes into brilliantly cut stones from canary yellow to free-range blues.
Ashes into glass
Skilled craftsmen use a small amount of ashes and transform them into beautiful glass jewellery, paperweights, vases & candles.
Garden memorials
Planters, sundials, sculptures & bronzes.
A self-fired rocket will shoot ashes into the air (200 feet) exploding into a spectacular display.
Viking Longboat
Set adrift upon the water and set alight, watching while the boat ebbs away.
Into Space
Ashes are strewn into the stratosphere 100,000 feet above the earth.
Ashes into a pen
A hand-carved wooden pen complete with a small amount of ashes.
Ashes scattered from aircraft
Scattered from a vintage biplane, Spitfire, Piper Grasshopper, radio controlled helicopter or hot air balloon.
Memorial reef
Ashes held in solace stone and placed on the sea bed off the Jurassic coast to create an artificial reef.
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