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Cremations have grown to become the most popular choice of funeral. Over 75% of funerals in the UK are a cremation funeral. With the increasing lack of burial space, especially in urban areas, this figure is likely to grow. We offer a range of cremation services across Dorset.

A cremation funeral service from Douch Family Funeral Directors can be held in one of our private chapels, or traditional or unattended funerals can be arranged. We offer additional extras which can be organised by our team, including flowers, catering, transport vehicles and service sheets.

Most crematoriums offer a service time of 30 minutes, which can be extended. Our two nearest crematoriums in Dorset are Bournemouth Crematorium and Poole Crematorium.  We also regularly attend Weymouth, Yeovil, Salisbury and Southampton Crematoriums as well as others nationally.

A crematorium chapel is suitable for religious or non-religious funerals. The whole of the funeral service can be held at the crematorium or at an alternative venue prior to the cremation.

Following the cremation, the cremated remains can usually be collected the next working day by the funeral director or a named individual and, though usually stored in an inexpensive container, you can choose to pay for something more attractive. Some crematoriums will keep the cremated remains for up to a month then charge to store them.

A Certificate of Cremation is a legal document which must be provided with the cremated remains.

You may choose to bury or scatter the remains. A popular way to say a unique goodbye is by scattering the ashes at sea, or you can keep them at home in an urn – the choice is yours and there’s no time limit regarding their disposal.

Many families take great comfort in having a place to visit and remember a loved one. Interring the cremated remains in a churchyard or cemetery and marking the plot with a memorial is a popular option.

Get in touch with Douch Family Funeral Directors in Dorset to learn more about our cremation services in Dorset.

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