A memorial is not merely a marker erected over a grave to remind us of the name of the deceased. It is a lasting symbol of remembrance; a tribute to a life now ended. It is therefore extremely important that its design is carefully chosen

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We recommend you spend some time looking around different churchyards or cemeteries finding the right memorial before speaking to us.

Memorials need to be of a material that will withstand all kinds of weather, take a permanent carved inscription (and possibly additional ones later on), be capable of shaping and ornamentation, and harmonise with the surroundings. It should also weather attractively. Centuries have shown natural stone materials (i.e. stone, slate, marble and granite) have all these qualities.

Our staff can advise you on appropriate memorial designs in accordance with the regulations for the local churchyard and cemeteries.

If an interment has taken place in a re-opened grave, the existing memorial will be taken to our stonemason’s premises and you’ll be given an estimate for any suggested renovations and cleaning before work is carried out to add an additional inscription in memory of the deceased. To allow settlement of the ground, the memorial will be refixed on the ground after a suitable time.

Speak to a member of our team at your local branch of funeral directors in Dorset for more information.