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Keeping it personal

We believe everyone deserves a funeral that reflects their unique personality. We will guide you through the choices so that, together, we can create a service that truly honours your loved one. You can even choose an alternative to the traditional oak coffin; they can be made of willow, bamboo or hyacinth.

Giving you the choice

Many people don’t have a traditional faith and, until now, their only option has been to have a service in a crematorium. That’s why we have our own service chapel, so we can hold services with and without religious content.

Because it’s our own chapel, you can choose who conducts your service; whether it’s a family member, funeral director, humanist minister or religious leaders. Our service chapel can host up to 40 people.

Planning ahead

It might sound strange but it’s a really good idea to plan your funeral in advance. If it’s all planned and paid for in advance (at today’s prices) it’s a tremendous relief for your loved ones when the time comes. You’ll have spared them the stress of deciding how to arrange your funeral and how to pay for it. Come in and we’ll talk you through the details.

Meet the team

Marcella McDonagh, Funeral Director

Marcella worked at a funeral home in Sheffield before she joined our team as a Funeral Director in 2004. She enjoys horse riding, circuit training, coastal walks and cooking. Marcella has the National Association of Funeral Directors Diploma in Funeral Directing.

Ives & Shand is a member of the National Association of Funeral Directors and is bound by its ‘Code of Practice’.