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Iain James

Much loved dad of Jean, Mags, Mary, Rosie and Krystle, a dear grandad and great grandad who will be sadly missed.

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  1. No words can describe how much I miss you my pops. I thought I’d be more prepared for you leaving us but nothing in the world could prepare me with being left with this massive hole in my heart. Not seeing you every day is the worst in the world. I’d give anything to make you a cuppa, or feed your dinner or just to hear you moan!!! Your boys miss you all the world and to watch their little hearts breaking is crippling. All of that being said shows just what an incredible man you are! Your family were your world and you were ours. I truly hope your in paradise doing all the things you love. Don’t get too comfortable though, have a few years break without us girls in your ear, because one day we’ll be up there with you. I love you my pops. The whole wide world ♥️

    Your Krissy xxx

    Krystle Chivers
  2. Really gonna miss you Iain, our chats about boxing, the banter, the friendly face at every show.
    An old school gentleman, honorable, honest, loyal and fair, there are precious few like you left in this crazy world my friend.
    Until we meet again my old mate, rest in peace x.

    Andy O'Kane
  3. Thanks for all the help over the last few years with the boxing knowledge you have given me. It’s going to be really strange not having you at the table with us, but your memory will certainly live on at every show. It’s sad that guys like yourself are slowly disappearing and really don’t think we will see the likes of it again.

    You will certainly be remembered by myself on the ring of each bell, and if I can carry on as an official, even half as well as you that will be something.

    We may not get away with the way you controlled the shows, I don’t think anyone could
    do that apart from yourself, the respect you carried through life and the boxing scene has really been shown in the last week.

    I have been thinking and laughing to myself this week about all the funny stuff we had happening at shows and the way you dealt with them or caused them!

    I’m glad your at peace now and look to see you again x

    Mark Howard
  4. You taught me so much over the years and I will forever be grateful for you. Your the best grandad a girl can ask for. I love you so so much pops ❤️❤️

  5. You always made us feel welcome when we used visit back in the day. We will remember you with fond memories. Lots of love Niki, Dave and Mick. XXX

    Niki amey
  6. Such an inspiration and a wonderful man that we have the pleasure of calling our friend xxx he will be missed very much xxx sending hugs to all his amazing family xxx

    Leeann and Des Charnock
  7. A great man and true gentleman. Thank you Iain, for all you have done for both boxing and myself over the years. Will be thinking of you whenever a boxing bell rings!
    Love and peace to all of your family, may they be blessed by their memories of you x

    Richard Lister
  8. RIP Iain thank you for all your help & advice over the years ( and the worthers originals) you will be so missed by everyone who had the pleasure of meeting you, god bless until we meet again love Adam ❤️

    Adam Carr
  9. Shine bright precious man xxx

    Christine Seager
  10. My pops Iain James you will never know how proud I am to call you my Dad .you taught me so much in life how to be strong and never be scared to speak my brought all us girls up to stand on our on two feet we thank you so much for that,Dad what was that saying you always said the bigger they are the harder they full.I miss you so much already my dad it’s going to be hard not having you around buy-for now love you with all my heart your daughter Amy -micey xxxx

  11. My Dad,
    You’re my life long friend. My Rock, My Hero, My Stable. You kept me grounded when I needed to be you also taught me to fly. My world can never be the same. There’s never a day that goes by no matter where I am in the world that we don’t speak it’s now been a week and all I have are voice messages. Obviously these past few months I’ve basically lived with you but even before you were ill I saw you every day, what now?
    How am I going to step in to your place with boxing? you taught me so much and so well but they are huge shoes to fill. I can’t imagine what boxing will be like without you, whom am I going to ask for advice? You are my go to in life, what am I going to do Pops, How am I going to cope? You were such a huge part of my life and a bigger part of my heart it feels like you’ve taken my heart with you. What do I do Dad, How do I carry on?
    I love you so much, I’m broken without you.
    Your Midgie xxx

    Mary Corson
  12. Midge,
    The memories that I have always create a smile on my face and at times make me laugh out loud at the fun side which was our coach and more importantly our friend as we grew up in the small circle we know as the boxing community. I think I have already said this week but your dad had a love of jokes, not necessarily funny jokes but ones that without doubt made everyone laugh and want more during the times we travelled to training and shows in the back of his van. You might recall as you came to a number of shows, as did others and even Krystle, journeys that could take anywhere from 1 hr 3-4 hrs cramped in the back of the van and one of the things that made the journeys fun was your dad trying to keep everyone upbeat. His favourite was “there was and English, Irish and Scottishman….” or “what do you call a man with a…” jokes at which point we would all be like….oh no…. but he would continue and we would all laugh. some of his favourites…”Mick and Paddy were on a building site and Paddy had an accident and asked Mick to call him an ambulance, so Mick stood up and shouted to everyone…Paddy’s an ambulance..Paddy’s an ambulance….” oh my god I can still here him laughing away to himself, the next Jim Davidson. “What do you call a man with a seagull of his head – Cliff…” they went on and on but so much fun really it was, it has stuck in my mind for decades and is probably why I tell the same jokes now. Outside of this your dad was a hard working, dedicated and committed man in everything he did, from boxing, work to ultimately his family and somehow managed to find a balance to all that many never would and this is what I think most will remember him for and admire him, there was never anything too much, too far or too much trouble, he was just a really happy to help, do and was a true a gent, with time and passion for everything he did, most of all you ladies and his family which was the love of his life, even from the early years when I was 11 years old this was the case. I remember a time that underlined his dedication to others before himself, he must have been mid 40’s and it was a training night, he had picked us all up in his van as he did 2 times per week but this time he was a little off. As we were driving he told Fred, our other coach, that earlier that day he had fell of a roof and scaffolding at a house he was working on the roof. Fred almost pleaded with him to turn around and that he needed to get a scan but he would not as training had to go on and cracked a joke if they did a scan they would not find much anyway LOL. That was your dad, a man unselfish and putting all before himself. There are many other things I could say but there are two stories stick to mind that I would like to speak about. My bout with a guy Ian H he had just come out of prison and I can remember thinking oh god I am done for…this could be bad, your dad just said, hey, he has not had a women for a while so he will probably be more interested in the crowd than you…. I won the fight but I think Ian H was more interested in me as I nearly bit my tongue off with one of his uppercuts. Next was the famous one, Brian Clusky Facing a very high level opponent, your dad is trying to talk to him, to get him focused and tell him why How he could win when Brian turns around and says “he’s got lovely boots on”, Brian won!!!… The stories could go on and on for hours and I know many many people that could tell more, that was the love and respect for your dad. Ultimately in closing I would like to say this, I would have loved to have been there for the service, to ring a bell for all the times he told us one more round, you get this round and the fight is yours, your winning, the continual encouragement and positive impact on young peoples lives, my life, our lives.. only a few people have the ability to give. Your dad was one of them and we will all love him for it. Rest well Iain James, you will be missed but still loved and your next chapter is about to begin, ding ding coach,. xxx

    Andy Castell
  13. Thinking of all five girls you all was he pride and joy and he loved each and everyone of you we all got some good memories of you he was a good friend and thinking of you all he was a true gentleman

    Lena Richards
  14. From myself and us all at Weymouth boxing club, thank you Iain for all your help , time and advise in the past and being a total Gent , kind and caring till the end , RIP , you will be missed.

    Mark Ford
  15. Hart of gold would help anyone you was there for my family when we lost my dad I hope your with him now and with all our love ones we have lost rip until we all meet again love and miss you all liley Maggie and family 💔💔

    Liley Cooper
  16. So very sad fly high with the angels if i could get you some lemon drizzle i would mo xxxx

  17. So sad to loss such an amazing man 🥲💔
    Iain James
    You was old school a true gent a man of few words at times but always so honest and straight talking always with that lovely smile of yours
    I know how much you loved your 5 girls you was an amazing dad and grandad
    you always had time to chat to me & my James
    Sadly taken far to soon may you R.I.P

    Jude & James C 💔❤️

    Jude C
  18. Thinking of you all at this sad time it’s so hard when you lose apart of your heart, your dad was a proud man a true gentleman who was respected by many a lovely man he will be sadly missed ❤❤❤

    Peter and sue xx
  19. Rip mate it was a pleasure knowing you and boxing against your lads and working with you in the gym sure you will be with all the other officials around the boxing ring in that heavenly place till we meet again old friend xxx

  20. Iain
    You will without doubt be sadly missed in the world of boxing. Always my first port of call if I needed to know anything. You were always there to help and give advise. If you didn’t know the answer (which wasn’t very often) you’d find the answer and get back to me . I enjoyed our chats about my boxing career, you remembered more than I did about my own bouts, a true gent who had a lot of time for friends and family, never had a bad word to say about anyone. Even when I had my little rants when decisions didn’t go as I thought they should, you’d take me to one side, explain it all to me not a cross word, Just over 40 years since I was a wee 11 year old Id always looked up to you, back when you were running the Purbeck club and when I’d see you down by the boats with Fred, I was truly honoured when I was invited to attend on Friday, A chance to say good bye in person to a very special person. RIP Iain 🥊

    Shaun Weeks
  21. Thank you Iain fir all your hard work you have put into our sport boxing. You had a true understanding of it and really helped so many. You truly cared about every boxer and your dedication will be sadly missed. Thank you for all the care you showed and RIP my thoughts go out to all of your family and friends at this sad time but they will be so proud of the positive influence you put on so many people’s lives.

    My deepest condolences

    Gavin Lane

    Barum Boxing Club.

    Gavin Lane
  22. Iain it was great to have known you through boxing for so many years and to have shared quote a few laughs along the way. You were always so fair with me and situations that came up and I have the upmost respect for you and all you did for not just myself but boxing in general. You said it as you seen it but in a way that we all respected…once we had cut the swearing parts out of what you had said to me haha! We shared the same sense of humour and I always liked that about you, dry and sarcastic but with a wink as you said it!…You will be missed by many but most definitely remembered well Iain. Thank you from me personally and from everyone at Parkstone ABC… Rest well now, Kev

    Kevin Thorniley
  23. Will be sadly missed. A great man and great role model too all. RIP Iain. From all at Yeovil amateur boxing club 🥊.

    Dean trott
  24. Fondest memories
    Will be sadly missed
    R I P

  25. We’ve had many times together, watching the horses, having a ride around Dorset and a few Guinness over the last few years , I will miss you a lot , good luck my old mate , I will never forget the horse burgers see you again sometime xxx Harvey

  26. We have sadly lost one of the remaining true gentlemen of amateur boxing.

    You have been an absolute stalwart of boxing in Dorset and the Western Counties, a nicer man would be difficult to find. A fair, decent, hard working and honest man, I have never heard a bad word spoken about you.

    Iain, you will be greatly missed by me personally and by all those whose paths you have crossed.

    Rest easy old friend.

    Mike Hemming
  27. The final bell has rang for my old friend.
    A man who could have you rolling with laughter, amazed by his knowledge and humbled by his unselfish contribution to young people for so many years.

    Iain’s bravery an honesty was an inspiration, and his like will not be seen again.

    We’ll see you at ringside in our hearts always.

    Good night, God bless

    Craig and Jo Turner
  28. In the beginning you was my mentor as i started on the road to becoming an ABA official for Cornwall,and at the end we were friends and shared many good times and laughs together as we travelled around the counties doing what we could to further the sport we both loved.Rest in peace Iain,you are gone but won`t be forgotten.
    your friend always,Glyn.

    Glyn Rutherford-Ainley
  29. Ian, every time i see a chocolate tea cake it will remind me of you, RIP my friend sleep tight
    Marie Lowry

    Marie lowry
  30. Well dad I keep looking at this and not really sure how to put in words just how I feel … a week has passed and I just feel empty and not the same person anymore !
    I’m trying to look on the bright side and smiling at the lovely memories and the precious moments that we shared over the past 41 years .. I like to think that I learnt a lot from you dad, most of all to be fair in all circumstances, to try and see things from all perspectives, not to hold a grudge and also how to reverse a car LOL.
    You loved us girls so much and never forgot to tell us .. I love you all the world my dad and I hope and pray your being looked after the way you deserve . I hope you can see from heaven how well loved and respected you are . good night dad and god bless my dad
    rosie xxxxx

  31. Well dad where do I start I’m going to miss you .I have lovely memories over the years you were a good dad . Some off the good things you taught us dad was to be kind and respectful to people And you would say don’t matter if there rich or poor treat people the same, you would say don’t matter about there fancy clothes and fancy stuff it’s the person that counts and I always try my best to do what you taught us and you taught us well dad we girls are going to miss you so so much but for now we have to say good bye but I got one last favour to ask and I’ll know you will do it is to look after my little boy till I can again I hope your at peace dad you deserve the best cause you were the best I’ll love you for ever till we meet again night god bless your daughter jean 💙xxxxxx

    Jean weaver
  32. You’ll be very truly missed thank you so much for the years you spent and help me nan I hope you’re both not annoying each other to much lol ❤️❤️

  33. RIP Iain, you certainly made a massively, positive impression on many people’s lives. An absolute gentleman, who was always ready and willing to help anyone who needed it. You will be greatly missed by everyone that had the privilege of knowing you. Respect to you and condolences to your loving family. Carl

    Carl Thomas
  34. RIP Iain, you were a massive help in getting our boxing club set up and have always looked after us. Always had a good laugh. Same old joke about me wearing my shorts at shows, always had to refer to rule book. Will miss you at the shows. Rest In Peace you deserve it.
    Woodsy and all at Christchurch ABC

    Jon Woods
  35. Thinking of you all at this terribly sad time.
    A genuine and well respected good man.
    Uncle Ian you will be greatly missed.Xx❤️

    Alice Paul Sid Chloe
  36. I have no idea where to start my pops, how can I summarise what you mean to me. The memories I have of you are far to many but still not enough. You’ve taught me things only a grandad could. I never thought I would have to say goodbye because superhero’s always survive. Until we meet again my pops. As I’ve said for as long as I can remember I love you all the world pops 💙 your granddaughter Char

    Char Weaver
  37. Dear Iain, your gonna be so, so missed. You were the first friend my Dad had when we moved to Dorset. Became huge family friends. Taught Bryan to become a successful Boxer. I bet your up there now having a good catch up with Dad and giving Bryan a mouthful. ❤️ Take off your gloves, undo your wraps, you gave it your all. Rest now 😘😘😘😘 Lots of love to you from all us Cluskeys xxxx

    Jo Cluskey
  38. Iain
    What can I say thats not already been said.
    A hero without a cape.
    I’ve been very fortunate to have had Ian as a mentor me as a judge,referee and supervisor under England boxing.Always on the end of a phone to give advice.In years after we worked closely organising championships.i can imagine Ian a friend Dave Nelmes up there talking boxing.
    Iain,I hope I’ve done you proud on the circuit.
    We have lost a Great man and friend.
    You will never be forgotten Rip m8.

    Wayne Salmon
  39. RIP Iain, you certainly made a massively, positive impression on many people’s lives. An absolute gentleman, who was always ready and willing to help anyone who needed it. You will be greatly missed by everyone that had the privilege of knowing you. Respect to you and condolences to your loving family. Carl Thomas – St. Ives Bay ABC, Cornwall.

    Carl Thomas
  40. RIP mr ian James. A true legend to Cornwall boxing helping us gain judges, referees, and supervisors which we desperately needed. You was a highly respected man, and a true friend. You will always be missed and in our thoughts !

    Tony Houghton
  41. Arena Boxing Club Bournemouth, especially the coaches & volunteers would like to offer their condolences to the family & friends of Iain.
    Iain was a true gent and a huge part of our local Amateur Boxing community for decades.
    Iain was good friend to our club, always supporting us with our endeavors and helping us out with our boxing shows. It is a genuine loss to amateur boxing in Dorset.🙏🥊 Rest In Peace.

    Arena Boxing Club Bournemouth
  42. It’s apparent from the comments above how well loved and well respected you were by everyone who knew you.
    A gentle man full of love and dedication for everything he loved in life his five girls especially, closely followed by the boxing.
    Your bickering with our Nan was priceless and I enjoyed taking your side even when she was right! We cannot thank you enough for the love and care you gave to her.
    We will remember you for the laughter, love, kindness and dedication.
    A True Dorset Gentleman

    Luke, Sam and Beth
  43. Firstly Iain
    I would like to say a big thank you for your friendship inside and outside of boxing , my thoughts are with you and your family,
    Boxing, you helped me and guided me through good and bad times putting me on the right road ,helping me qualify as judge, referee, supervisor you pushed me and gave me the confidence I needed to get through I can never thank you enough,Dorset boxing will never be the same without you we will all miss that cheeky smile .thank you godless ,

    Les Benham
  44. Iain I can’t thank you enough for the kind words,advice and time you gave me.
    Boxing will never be the same again without you.Thank you .
    I hope that you are pain free and resting now.

    Sonya lanchbury
  45. RIP
    A truly great gentleman who touched the hearts of many. Be it your cheeky smile or your forever optimism you will be sorely missed. Fly with the Angel’s my friend

    Vince Ealson
  46. How do you comment on a great man will be missed by every one my thoughts are with family and friends

    Ian lindsay
  47. A Great man , a humble man who was always a great friend . You will be sadly missed by all
    who knew you . Such a nice person in every way who touched the hearts of everyone . You
    were always there to assist and help others and it was an honour to know you . You were a
    tremendous friend and we go back to the 60’s when we were both boxing with Dave Nelmes
    and others at the time . All of who I class as my friends even after all these years . You will be sadly
    missed and I know you as such a character will that never be replaced . I thank you most sincerely for your friendship over the years . A gentleman and friend who cannot be replaced with such a lovely
    family . Great memories .

    Ken and Jen Brain
  48. You were kind ,honest , ,knowledgeable had time for everyone,told it like it was ,which is refreshing in this day and age , you really helped me in boxing ,you were a proper old school gentleman. You will be greatly greater missed .boxing sadly will never feel the same way again. RIP .x

    Gavin Bennett
  49. I miss our chats about your girls and boxing and about the tv programs we both liked to watch it was a pleasure to be part of such a lovely proud mans life that thought the world of his daughters and grandkids I know I didn’t know you for long but I felt like I’d know you for a life time you were kind and caring and made me feel welcome sometimes I would have to say to you Ian stop talking for a bit and rest and get your breath back you would say I’m ok I have never know such a lovely man who will be sadly missed by many love you Ian james R I p untill we meet again xxx

    Mandy matzen

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