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Jennifer Fay Kenyon

1934 - 2019


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  1. I will always remember Jenny as I saw her last- at Mel’s wedding, cracking wise, having a jolly time and being very kind to Kristina, a stranger to her.

    Sending love to the entire family. xxx P

  2. I have many happy and fond childhood memories of my cousin, Jennifer. Her mother was one of my father’s six sisters. We have kept in touch over all the years and latterly enjoyed our many telephone conversations discussing the tennis tournaments we were watching on TV. We shared so many family memories too and always felt a strong bond of affection.

    Heather Churchill (nee Medlicott)
  3. In memory of my lovely friend Jenny. She will be greatly missed but leaves us with fond memories of her sense of humour and love for her family and dogs R.I.P

  4. I was 10 years old In the long hot summer of 1977 and, like any child with a limited life experience, it seemed that all summers would be hot with a mixture of sport, laziness, reading and going to the beach. It was during that summer I first recollect visiting the Kenyon household, where there was the ability to mix with all the other children. Mel would be outside, often reading, Toby precocious and already playing tennis well above his age. Tamsin was my age and we had been at school together and she made me laugh.

    However, the person who greeted me with the biggest welcome was Jenny. At the age of 10, you have no concept that life will change so much as an adult – the realities of the world cutting into summers, and the changes in friends, family and relationships. The one constant throughout my early life, outside of my own family, was Jenny. As a 10 year old, she introduced me to the “fascinating” Soda Steam – a miracle on a par with an iPad to a 10 year old now. Here was a device that chucked out sweet drinks carbonated; there was no greater delight and Jenny encouraged me to use it with a smile on her face!

    Later, when my own son was 10 years old, we were visiting my Mum and Jenny offered to put us up. Alexander stayed the night at Jenny’s and, although 30 years later, I saw in Jenny the same thing that I had felt as a 10 year from her. Jenny greeted Alex with a smile having got books ready for him and spent time discussing his interests. Alex thought she was fantastic. At that point, you are able to relate back to your own experiences and realise the qualities that Jenny had.

    Yes, she was not perfect, and no-one doubts her struggle to fight darkness at times in her life. However, for me, that is easy to be ignored as I remember her as a beautiful, generous welcoming person who remained friends with my own mother, Elizabeth, for the whole of her life. My Mum, to this day, has repeated the stories of Jenny and her family to me. They found solace and happiness in each other, and they spoke of their children to each other. There can be no greater friendship than this between acquaintances.

    Jenny, I will always remember you as you stamped your Joie De Vivre and outward smiling character on my sole as a 10 year old. Unlike future summers that failed to live up to expectations, you always exceeded mine.

    Love James, Alexander and Emilia x

    PS – I am sorry I could not find more time in recent years to spend with you.

    James P-C
  5. To dear Jenny

    We will miss you so much – many, many happy hours spent together over forty years.

    Our trips to Abbotsley, Cambridge and to Marlborough, Wilts to care for my Grandchildren over past years when they were young.The many coffees and lunches in
    latter years at Ashley Cross and all the garden centres choosing plants for our gardens’
    up to three years ago we always went out together with our close friend Peggy to celebrate each of our birthdays’, so that was three lunch celebrations each year, how I
    will miss the laughter and happyness the three of us shared.

    We had so much in common our wonderful children, never a cross word passed between
    us, always happy thoughts and great respect we all had for each other.

    I still have your voice on my answer phone that distinct “Jenny here !”

    God Bless you Jenny you will be so sadly missed by us all.

    Love Elizabeth and Lionel

    Elizabeth. And Lionel. Caldwell

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