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Khawa Dina Pearce (Kay)

1928 - 2020


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  1. Dear Martyn and Family

    It is always sad to talk in these kind of situations. You know We are close to you and your family on hard moments and this one is very hard. Anything you need let me know

    Angel Ruiz and the Ecoculture team
  2. I have such happy memories of our family get togethers and Kay’s delicious cooking.
    Sending much love to you all and hope to see you for a memorial when times are less restricted.
    Ali x

    Alison Winskell (Whybrow as was)
  3. Despite the sadness of Kay’s final years , I recall the early time of her life in England with the joy, laughter and adventurousness with which Kay approached it. There are many who will sadly recall the same.

    Dr Robin Pearce
  4. Kay, or Khawa as we knew her in our childhood, was the eldest of 6, and I the youngest. I was therefore at the center of her attention, specially since my mother had died at an early age. She often told me, lovingly, what I could and could not do!
    Even in her late teens she helped my father in receiving visitors and entertaining guests. She headed the newly formed girl guides, and several ladies now in the USA remember her as their guide leader.
    She was also elegantly dressed (all made by herself) and very beautiful, which attracted the attention of a young British officer (Arnold of course) whom she soon married. She moved to the UK at a time when we thought Europe was a million miles away.
    I was close to her not only in my childhood but also during my engineering studies in England. Kay and Arnold looked after me during my vacations, and often took me along on their travels, specially to their parents in Sussex at Christmas. I so fondly remember those visits, specially meeting Arnold’s parents and brother and sisters.
    I, this time with my wife Kalida, was close to her again for several years while continuing my studies in England. We had many happy days together. She continued her education at Leicester University and received a degree in textiles. And she showed a passion for cooking, gardening and leather upholstery. She raised three successful boys we were so happy to get to know who have since grown into wonderful and successful men.
    We continued with close contact over the years and often met here and there. We met her at the Rehab Centre a few years ago, and were happy to find her physically well and quite active, in spite of her dementia. She even joined us in singing old Assyrian songs. I’m told that she remained so up to near the end.
    Her departure is therefore very sad to me. I have lost a person with whom I’ve been close for eighty years. Her memory is forever printed in my mind.
    Kay was good to her family and friends, and to all with whom she had contact. God will reward her with eternal peace.
    Let me now, on behalf of myself and my wife, express our sincere condolences to our dear brother Arnold, our dear nephews Richard, Martyn and Reynold, our dear sister in London and brother in Toronto, and all who knew and loved Kay.

    Yuhanna Aboona
  5. I am Kathie and Khawa (Kay) my big sister has been one big part of my life. I always looked up to her and learned a lot from her. She was my eldest sister and after our passed away she became like mother and a friend to me. We never lost touch, I visited her and husband Arnold regularly and saw their three lovely children, Richard,Martyn and Rennie growing up very happily. We were very close and I shall always remember her loving smile and happy face. She loved singing especially when we sang our old Assyrian songs that she could remember clearly even when visiting her in her beautiful and caring Nursing Home. She also loved dancing and enjoyed all the happy Assyrian Weddings Parties and never had enough of dancing “SHeikhani” ! Assyrian Dance) . I shall miss her a lot and will never forget her. May God Rest her Soul in Peace

    KAtherine Shlimon
  6. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your entire family. May your beautiful memories sustain and bring comfort to you during this difficult season. My heart is filled with sadness for your loss. Please accept my deepest condolences and know that my thoughts are with you during this time.

    Revelation 14:13, which states: “I, John, heard a voice from heaven say, ‘Write this: Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on.’ ‘Yes,’ said the Spirit, ‘let them find rest from their labors, for their works accompany them’.”

    Mr&Mrs Youkhana Hassan and family ( Shani, DR Simon Laura, Christopher)
  7. Dear Uncle Arnold, Ricky, Rennie & Martyn

    My thoughts are with you at this very sad time. Aunty Kay was deliciously joyous, energetic and warm. She was an exotic and interesting Aunty to us and we will always remember her fondly. So sorry that the current circumstances prevent us from being at your side in support but as soon as we can, we are there. Take care of each other. In loving support.

    Lara Milward (nee Pearce)
  8. I was privileged to have Kay as my mother-in-law for over twenty years. She had tremendous warmth and boundless energy and her positive spirit always shone through. Kay always made me feel welcomed and loved and we shared many happy conversations about life in general and especially the joys of being a mother and grandmother.
    Kay was a wonderful grandmother to Nadia and Lily, always loving and kind and full of enthusiasm about their endevours and achievements and ready with hugs and kisses to dry their tears. I have so many lovely memories of times spent with Kay and Arnold at their house, in the garden and on the beach, where Kay would be making sandcastles with the girls with her trousers rolled up and wielding a bucket and spead. Ice-creams always followed!
    I will miss you very much Kay but thank you for the memories, I will treasure them always. xx

    Sarah Pearce
  9. Dear Ren & family
    Please accept my deepest condolences for the loss of your loving mother! It is time to treasure the many incredible memories.
    I am thinking if you in this difficult times.
    Sending you all lots of love x

    Pascal Gerbier
  10. Kay(Khawa)as we used to call her stands for Eve,she was our oldest sister,we lived in Habbaniya an RAF station near Baghdad in Iraq from 1936 to 1954 ,there Kay met Arnold a young flying officer and were in love, i was about 10 years old at that time and did not like the idea of my sister loving a British officer but later when i knew Arnold well i knew Kay was lucky. Like my brother Youhanna said our mother passed away when myself and Youhanna were very young,Kay took care of us and was like a mother. Kay had a lovable personality, she was smart and clever and had many friends, they all loved and respected her, i remember she loved listening to BBC’s listeners choice, writing,remembering and repeating all the English songs of the time.
    We love you sister and will never forget you.Rest in peace my big sister.
    Myself and my wife Virgeen offer our deepest condolences to our dear Arnold and our dear nephews Ricky,Martin and Rennie’

    Dr.Khoshaba Aboona
  11. We are so sorry for your loss, and offer our heartfelt condolences to you and your family at this difficult time. Kay Pearce was a remarkable, loving woman…a woman who has blessed many lives. I wish I could have met her. Please find peace in the many happy and fond memories you all have shared. In our hearts and thoughts always. Love, Jamie Chan and the Chan family

    Chan Family
  12. My very first glimpse of my brand new sister in law was at Stanstead Airport, in those days little more than a collection of tin sheds. But Kay dazzled us all on that drizzly grey afternoon. She stepped off that aircraft immaculate in a pink and grey fitted jacket, matching pencil skirt, tiny pink and white hat, and of course, matching gloves, bag and stilettos! I had never met anyone so glamorous in my entire life! I was nine years old. I shall never forget that moment. Kay went on dazzling us until the end.
    My brother Arnold, the eldest male Pearce, like his father before him, had fallen in love and married an exotic woman from the East. His son, Rick, was to do the same………will history repeat itself?
    I shall always remember Kay as someone who loved life. She loved to sing, she loved to dance. The sound of her laughter will live on with us all.

    Elle Gilbert née Pearce
  13. Auntie Kay will be terribly missed, may her soul rest in peace, I believe that God will accept her with open arms for all the good she has done and we pray that God will grant you the serenity and peace that you need to get through this, Stay strong and know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. Sending much love to you all.

    Nadia Aboona
  14. We are so sorry to learn of the Kay’s demise. To live a life so eloquently simple and yet impacts all those who have the privilege to interact with this most beautiful lady testifies loudly that when you walk and talk in love, you somehow elevates a person’s life. Kay has shown to all of us here how to enjoy the little things in life. Her untimely demise made us take stock, look back and realise that they were actually the big things. Her love of gardening and more importantly, that unremitting, unceasing love of friends and family inspires us to lead a life of a higher calling; not of material success per se but one of love. As you lie in sweet repose en route to heavenly joy dear Kay, know that the cherished memories of you lives on in our hearts and minds at Singapore. (The “Yeo” Family)

    The Yeo Family in Singapore
  15. Dearest Arnold, Ricky, Martyn & Rennie,

    Please accept our heartiest and sincere condolences on the loss of your beloved Kay – Khawa.

    May the Lord help you and give you strength in this difficult and sad time.

    Love from Nahren, Oraham, Paul, Julia & Mimi Gabraiel
  16. I have many happy and enjoyable memories of our family picnics and occasions over the years when you were in your element.

    Margaret Brunt (Pearce)
  17. Dear Ren, Mr Pearce and family,

    Thinking of you today and sending my condolences for your loss.

    Phil xx

  18. We are so very sorry for your loss. May you find comfort in the wonderful memories you hold.
    Much love,
    The Rust Family

    Rust Family
  19. We are heartbroken that we can’t be with our family at this time.

    We are so immensely grateful to Ren and Martyn for being such pillars of strength for Dad and for making all of the funeral arrangements. We also take great solace in knowing that Mum passed away peacefully, having lived life joyfully and fully. In tribute to her, we would like to share a few words about her lasting legacy to our family:


    Mum gave us many things.
    Here, some for which I am forever grateful.
    A sense of wonder of the world, both natural and spiritual.
    A sense of romance for exploration, discovery and epic goals.
    The curiosity to seek multiple perspectives.
    Confidence to try, and to try again if needed.
    Most of all, her love and support of her family,
    From which I am inspired and to which I aspire.
    I really love and miss her.


    I feel truly so blessed and fortunate to have Kay as my mother-in-law. Her energy was legendary and her enthusiasm was boundless. She had a curiosity about all things and an interest in learning that never abated until Alzheimer’s robbed her of that capacity. Still, this disease never dampened her loving nature or innate desire to make connections with all she came in contact with.

    Kay embraced me with love from the first moment I met her. We shared the bond of leaving our beloved country, family and friends when we married our husbands. Her love story with my father-in-law, Arnold, was one for the ages. Seeing them together is to witness the real definition of love. They had an equal relationship based on mutual respect and shared values. They treated each other with great tenderness and loved each other unconditionally.

    I have so, so many fond memories of her. Although we lived far apart, we spent a lot of time together – here in California and in England. Family was always at the center of Kay’s life and she loved nothing more than spending time with us and especially her grandchildren. I was also fortunate enough to be with her at many of the Assyrian gatherings here in the US, where she was always the dazzling life of the party. People gravitated towards her and she charmed lifelong and new friends alike.

    For all the priceless memories we shared – summer days by the seaside, long walks along the coast, countless cups of tea and chats, cheering Ren on at his fashion shows, frolicking with the Pearce grandkids in the camp at the bottom of the garden, the factory-like making of sandwiches in her kitchen with Sarah for all the family picnics, her wonderful stories of her Assyrian heritage, shopping for bargains, her magnificent care for me and my children when we needed her most and so much more – I will hold her in my heart and miss her forever.


    My strong, beautiful, courageous grandma. I’m grateful that she was taken care of so well for the last few years at Fernhill. From what I was told, she was the life of the party, always eager to dance and sing along during their weekly events. I can imagine how much fun she added to the atmosphere with her energy and enthusiasm.

    My mum told me that grandma was staying at our home when I was born. I picture how happy she must have been to have two new grandchildren to shower with love. She and grandpa visited frequently when I was very little and needed lots of care. They offered so much support to my family during that challenging time.

    I remember the way she would run down the garden to greet me when we arrived for our summer visits from America. Her face immediately lit up, as mine would. I remember the frequent walks we took down the lane and by the seaside. I remember how friendly she was towards the other people walking along the beach. I would feel embarrassed in the moment, but thinking about it now brings a smile to my face. I loved how fearless and friendly she was.

    I remember her love for “pudding”. How she would always ask for a second helping. She loved her sweets and often asked Uncle Rennie to add more sugar cubes to her tea. I remember how she would hum while walking around the house.

    I will cherish her forever. I will keep these memories with me. I’ll smile everytime I think of her. I know she is resting in peace with God by her side. I love you, grandma.


    I feel so fortunate and blessed that I have been able to spend so much time with my grandparents, even though we live so far apart. Grandma was always so happy when we were together, and singing the old Assyrian “churn the butter song” (hi-gudi) together is one of my happiest and most prominent childhood memories. I am so grateful for the time we were able to share, and I will love and miss her forever.


    I still vividly remember all the walks we used to go on, from exploring the neighborhood to walking past the lovely views by the sea, and how happy it made her. Always lively and energized, she was an amazing example of how age doesn’t define you nor your capabilities. Camping in the back garden and having her constantly out there with us, whether it be tending to the many plants or to watch us kids all goof-off, will certainly stay with me throughout my life. I truly am so grateful I was able to have so many amazing experiences together, and will forever hold a place for her in my heart.

    Richard, Angelina, Marcus, Emily & Oliver Pearce
  20. Dear Richard, Angie, Marcus, Oliver and Emily,

    My thoughts and prayers are with you, your father and your family. My heart is broken for you. She sounds like such an absolutely unique, amazing and beautiful human being. In honor of Mother’s Day, I send extra bunches of love to you. My deepest condolences during this most difficult time. Love to you all.

    Debbie Lee
  21. Dear Uncle Arnold and all my Pearce cousins,

    I was very sad to hear of Auntie Kay’s passing the other week. I have so many fond memories of you all, coming to stay with you in Rugby when we were children, doing our school Christmas quiz together in your living room (you guys always seemed to get all the answers), later visiting you on hot sunny days in Bournemouth. It has always been a true pleasure and I have always felt very welcome and loved. I would have liked to be with you on Tuesday to say goodbye to Kay, but I will be thinking of her, and hopefully we will be able to see you all later in the summer and remember her then as well. I wish you all the best in the days to come. With much love, Andre.

    Andre Shlimon.
  22. Dearest Richard & Angie,

    Our deepest condolences on learning of your mother’s passing.

    We met Kay at your wedding, some 30 years ago. Her warm and friendly approach made for a pleasant conversation while she passionately shared her Assyrian heritage.

    Kay left an indelible impression on us.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Angie and family, and all loved ones.

    Adrian & Audrey from Singapore
  23. Dear Uncle Arnold, Rickie, Martyn and Rennie.
    Thinking of you all at such a sad time. Auntie Kay was always great fun, full of energy and enthusiasm. She will be greatly missed.
    So sorry not to be able to join you at her funeral.
    With love

    Kendra Bolger nee Pearce
  24. Dear Uncle Arnold, Richard, Martin and Ren,
    On behalf of myself and my family, I send to you our deepest and most sincere condolences on the sad loss of Auntie Kay from all our lives.
    I can recall those early childhood memories and the sense of the great fun and excitement that she invoked in us all on those joint family assaults on the Sussex Coast, when we could clear a beach within seconds, or lay siege to the wildlife on the South Downs, all in the name of a family picnic. These occasions will never be forgotten.
    More latterly, Auntie Kay always made me most welcome at Mere Road, whenever my business trips took me to Leicestershire or further afield. However, she would head for noise of the kitchen whenever mealtime conversations drifted away from family news and events to that of cars.
    We will miss her greatly.

    Peter, Amanda, Louise, Kelle, Sophia and all the family
  25. Dear Arnold, Rick, Martyn and Rennie

    Please accept my deepest condolences of your mum’s passing to glory. May she rest in peace with her Lord and Saviour Jesus and her loved ones who preceded her. Kay and my sister Gina grew up together and were besties until the end. Our families were very close and I remember Kathie and I always following Kay and Gina and looking up to them for our inspiration. When both of them married Englishmen, I came to England to study and during holidays used to visit Kay and Arnold in Leicestershire which was my happiest vacation time. Kay loved me as her youngest sister and would tease and rebuke me with loving words. Last time I saw her at the Rehab, she held my hand tightly and we walked outside in the garden and sang together an Assyrian song which she remembered all the lyrics so clearly. I have fond memories of Kay and will miss not seeing her when I visit Kathie in London.

    Farewell my friend

    Madeleine Shabo
  26. Dearest Family,
    Although I have never met Kay, I have enjoyed many of the beautiful memories Angelina has shared about her very special Mother-in-Law. What a blessing Kay has been to her family and friends. How rich the world would be if we all had such a vibrant and loving woman in our lives. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers as you walk through this time of deep loss.

    Vaughn Marie Rodriguez
  27. As Kay and Arnold’s next door neighbours, we are grateful for so many happy memories of times with Kay. She brought a smile to all those she knew through her love of life and people, and we were privileged to have known her.

    Jacqui & Mark Rainsbury
  28. As Kay and Arnold’s next door neighbours, we are grateful for so many happy memories of times with Kay. She brought a smile to all those she knew through her love of life and people and we shall miss her.

    Jacqui & Mark Rainsbury
  29. As Kay’s next door neighbours we have happy memories of her smile and love of life, We will both miss her.


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