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5 Ideas For Scattering A Loved Ones Ashes

The decision of how a loved one should be laid to rest is not an easy one. As a local funeral directors, we work with many families who are suffering from the loss of a loved one. They naturally feel overwhelmed when it comes time to make these kinds of decisions. Many people choose to have a traditional coffin burial. However, cremation is the most popular choice for people. A great way to celebrate the life of someone who has recently passed is by scattering ashes. While it is important to keep some of the ashes for a keepsake or piece of memorial jewellery, scattering ashes is a great way to memorialise someone. As a family funeral director, we offer a number of different funeral services and scattering urns for ashes if you want to scatter your loved one’s ashes in your own way. Here are 5 ideas for a scattering ashes ceremony.

Scattering ashes at sea

Dorset has some of the most beautiful coastlines in the country, so it is not surprising that this is one of the most popular ways of scattering a loved one’s ashes. Scattering ashes at sea is a really special way to remember a close family member or friend. Douch Family Funeral Directors offer a range of scattering ashes at sea ceremonies. Charter your own private yacht for a half or whole day and bring up to 12 guests. With the beautiful Poole Harbour and south coast as your surroundings, there is no better place to say goodbye.

Plant a memorial tree

A great way to memorialise someone is by planting a memorial tree where you scatter their ashes. This acts almost like a natural headstone and is a unique way to remember a loved one. You can revisit the spot and watch the tree grow over time. Scattering ashes when planting a memorial tree is a very symbolic and poignant gesture.

Beach ceremony

Take a scatter tube for ashes down to the beach and release a loved one’s ashes into the wind. The beach is a beautiful place to hold a ceremony for a loved one. Lots of people love being by the sea but if the person you are celebrating had another special place, then this is also a great place to hold a ceremony.

Going abroad

A popular way to celebrate someone’s life is by taking a trip abroad with the ashes. Scattering ashes abroad is very therapeutic and can help anyone who is suffering a loss to move on. Planning a trip helps take everyone’s mind off the painful feelings they are dealing with. Taking a trip to somewhere you all went together or were planning to go is a great way to say goodbye. Travelling with a scatter tube for ashes makes it easy to take your loved one’s ashes abroad to say goodbye.

Some people take this idea even further and go travelling with the ashes. It is nice to feel that you are going on one last adventure to scatter their ashes across the globe. Discover places where you can scatter ashes.

Into space

For a more unusual method of scattering ashes consider releasing the ashes into space. There are services that will carry the ashes on a balloon into the atmosphere and release them into space. You can watch this process on a video link, and it is a great alternative way to scatter the ashes of a loved one.

For more information about scattering urns for ashes and scattering ashes at sea, get in contact with us at Douch Family Funeral Directors. Speak to a member of our team by calling 01202 367307.


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