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How To Pick The Right Funeral Service For Your Loved One

Researching how to arrange a funeral is a daunting task to undertake. With so many types of funeral services available, it is a tough decision to make. At Douch Family Funeral Directors, we understand the importance of the funeral providing a sense of closure. Many people find choosing the funeral type difficult as they want to ensure that they say goodbye to their loved one in the best way. As a leading family funeral director, we offer a range of funeral packages. Read our guide below to explore which funeral type is right for your loved one.


The most popular choice of a funeral is cremation with over 75% of people choosing this option in the UK. Our cremation funeral services have the option of taking place in a private chapel. Alternatively, a traditional or unattended funeral can be organised. The service time usually lasts around 30 minutes. Many people choose to use an alternative venue, such as one of our Ceremony Rooms, prior to or after the cremation.  Alternatively, the whole service can take place at the crematorium if desired. The cremated remains are usually collected a few days later by the organiser or funeral director. Many families choose to keep the cremated remains at home in an urn. The other options are to scatter the ashes at a meaningful location, or inter them in a churchyard or burial ground.

Non-religious funerals

Being non-religious does not mean that you should not say a loving goodbye. Our non-religious funerals reflect the life of your loved ones and celebrate their memory. These funeral services can take place in a variety of locations, such as our own Ceremony Rooms or even your home. Our funeral arrangements have the option to include a small reference to religion. This option is often chosen if the individual held some religious beliefs to a small degree. It is important that the funeral service represents who they were.

Unattended funerals

An unattended funeral, sometimes referred to as a direct cremation funeral, is a cost-effective alternative to a traditional funeral. This funeral service arrangement gives your loved one a respectful cremation service with no mourners or attendees. At Douch Family Funeral Directors, we take care of organising the transportation, arrangements, and paperwork. This option allows you to hold personal ceremonies away from the cremation.

Cemetery Burials

There are different types of cemeteries across the country where burials can take place. These include churchyards, Local Authority or Privately owned cemeteries. Many families choose a cemetery that holds meaning for their loved one or is close for them to visit. Once you have chosen your desired location, we contact the relevant authority to arrange the interment. For this to take place, the space must be paid for with the majority of cemeteries offering long-term land leases. Our funeral service arrangements can include flowers, catering, transport, and service sheets should you wish to include these options.

Woodland Burials

Woodland burials are growing in popularity. This is largely due to the reduced cemetery space. As a local funeral director, Dorset has a range of woodland burial sites to which we have access. Woodland burials are perfect for those who wish to opt for a peaceful resting place surrounded by nature. Many burial sites have rules in place to ensure the burials remain as natural as possible to reduce environmental impact. Our extensive selection of eco coffins allows you to choose a casket that represents your loved one, whilst remaining eco-friendly.

If you or someone you know is looking to arrange a funeral service, get in touch today. We offer advice and support at our family funeral directors in Dorset. For more information speak to a member of our team by calling 01202 367307 or filling out our contact form.


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