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Planning A Dignified Funeral During The COVID-19 Pandemic

After losing a loved one, it’s natural to want to honour their life and give them the funeral they deserve. During the pandemic, we have seen many changes to funeral arrangement plans. Although there are now strict measures in place to follow at a funeral during COVID-19, it is still possible to give your loved one the funeral they deserve.

Douch Family Funeral Directors in Dorset want to help make this process as easy as possible for people planning funerals at this time. That is why we have come up with some important factors to remember when planning a dignified funeral during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Choose your funeral service arrangements

This may have already been specified by the deceased, however, in instances where a person’s death is unexpected, it can be difficult knowing how to plan the funeral arrangements. The most important decision to make about the arrangements is whether the funeral will be cremation or burial. Once this decision has been made, the rest of the details are down to the wishes of those organising the funeral.

Capture the moments

When planning a funeral during COVID-19, it is best to ensure the grieving family capture moments which they will not have a second chance for. This will include photos or videos of the ceremony, taking photos of the coffin, a video of the cortege or capturing any other special moments shared during the funeral. It is also important to remember there are now live streaming options available, either through social media, the funeral directors, or the venue hosting your service. Therefore, when undertaking funeral service arrangements, you have the option to include this for those who could not attend.


Express your emotions

Do not be afraid to show how you feel. Share your special thoughts with those around you and reach out for help. There are plenty of professional services, grief support groups, and organisations that you can turn to. Douch Family Funeral Directors in Dorset have bereavement support groups running throughout the Dorset area, so please do not hesitate to get in contact with us if you need a helping hand.

Maintaining social distancing

A key factor for planning a funeral during the COVID-19 is to respect social distancing measures. This is to keep everyone attending the funeral safe from any potentially catching the virus. At Douch Family Funeral Directors, we understand how challenging this is to experience at a funeral. We recommend you still comfort each other and allow yourselves to grieve together whilst respecting social distancing measures.

Form a Guard of Honour

With the restrictions in place limiting the number of people allowed to attend a funeral service, a guard of honour can be a way for those who are unable to attend the service, to show their support to the family. Inviting friends, neighbours and family to line the pavement as the hearse makes it’s way to the funeral service can be done outside the house, at a local venue, for example, a sport’s club that your loved one may have been a member of, or along the route to the venue. This is another option to allow those who can not be at the funeral service in person, to be a part of the ceremony. It is important that those who form a guard of honour follow social distancing protocols.

Guard of Honour for a funeral procession

Purchase keepsakes

Urns and keepsakes are another method of honouring the life of a loved one. Keepsakes allow you to hold onto the memories you have and offer a physical way of remembering that individual. There are plenty of ideas for urn and keepsakes to buy, and you can choose which is the most sentimental to you. Douch Family Funeral Directors provide a range of urns and keepsakes on our online store, to meet the diverse requirements of every customer.

Remember those who could not be there

There is a high chance with current funeral COVID-19 restrictions, that not all those who would have wished to be there on the day can attend. For those who are attending the funeral virtually online, remember to include them as if they were there in person. Including everyone together evokes a strong feeling of togetherness and community. This will also ease the pain of bereavement for others who are grieving but could not attend in person.

When planning funeral service arrangements, do not forget those who cannot access the online streaming. Incorporate them into the ceremony, add a personal touch, and consider what you can do to help them feel better.

Visiting memorial pages

Visiting memorial pages online, are a great way of commemorating a loved one and sharing this with others. These can be created and followed on social media or through the chosen memorial website. You can also search for Dorset funerals online in our directory and leave thoughts or messages in the book of condolence.

Plan a celebration for after social distancing measures have lifted

Just because the funeral may not have been what you wished for; it does not mean it has to end there. You can still plan a celebration between family and friends once the funeral COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted. It is a chance to re-live the wonderful memories and thoughts of the person you’ve lost. Celebrating a deceased person’s life is not only down to the day of the funeral.

We remember that person closely in our hearts, for the days and years to follow. Planning a celebration after the pandemic measures have been lifted will allow other key members who were unable to attend the first service, to input into the funeral celebration service arrangements.


At Douch Family Funeral Directors, we know how difficult these times are. We have a range of funeral service arrangements available to fit whatever your requirements are and make the day as special as possible. We are here for you and to help with whatever is necessary to facilitate a personalised funeral during COVID-19. Please get in touch by using our online contact form, or calling your nearest branch.


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