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Saving Poole Crematorium – Sign Our Petition To Show Support


A petition was launched earlier this year to save our beloved Poole Crematorium. Back in 2020, the Poole cremator broke down and has not been replaced since. With no cremator currently in use, the Bournemouth Crematorium has continued to face elevated levels of demand.

As Bournemouth Crematorium is now one of the busiest facilities in Dorset, saving our Poole Crematorium is vital for our local community. Read on below to learn more about our cause and how you can get involved to help. For more information, head over to to learn more.

Why Poole Crematorium is essential to our community

Poole Crematorium has provided much-needed services for over 30 years. Its operation is essential for those from across the town all the way over to the Purbecks, Blandford, and Dorchester. This adds up to over 250,000 people for this crematorium alone. Placing more demand by only running Bournemouth Crematorium for the area is not a stable long-term solution.

The increased demand has only continued to put more of a strain on the Bournemouth Crematorium services. This demand had been showing a decrease year on year when Poole Crematorium services were still up and running. Since this came to a halt, Bournemouth is now receiving a much higher volume of requests.

What’s more, without Poole Crematorium, bereaved families face an increase in travel distances and waiting times. This causes unnecessary discomfort for those who are already suffering a loss. Cremations should happen on the same site that holds the service and committal. Mourning relatives should not have to wait for the bodies of their loved ones to be shuttled across the county. Our local funeral Directors in Poole have seen first-hand the inconvenience this causes to families.


Our plea to BCP Council

The local authority planned to spend almost £559,000 on Phase 1 of the refurbishment, soon to reopen this September 2022.  But without a working cremator! The price of one cremator is less than half of the total sum planned for refurbishments. Our request is to use some of the money from this to fund a new cremator for Poole.

It only makes sense to implement these funds towards a new cremator. Installing a new cremator will also still leave enough fees to do a quality refurbishment alongside this. This will help to provide Poole Crematorium with the full level of care it deserves.

How you can help

On the 28th September 2022, we will be meeting with BCP Council. Signatures and letters to the councillors will need to be submitted 72 hours before this. Any help from our community would be more than appreciated.

Unfortunately, we have not yet achieved the amount of signatures required for the BCP Council to take action. We are staying optimistic however! With just under a month to go, we stay hopeful to reach our goal. Please show your support by signing our petition and sharing with family and friends.

Sign this petition

Contact Your Local Councillor

We are also encouraging all of our local community and supporters to contact their local councillor. This is to help them empathise with our cause and the importance of installing a new cremator at Poole Crematorium. Follow the link below to find out the template we have created and the steps to getting involved.

Contact your local councillor

Help save Poole Crematorium

For bereavement support and help with arranging a funeral for your loved one, contact us. Our local funeral directors in Poole will be more than happy to help. We also have branches located across Dorset so that we can offer our services to residents from other localities. Call 01202 716 500 for our funeral Directors in Poole or email [email protected] for general enquiries.


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