We are here to help you decide what to do when someone dies, at every step. Our number one priority is looking after you.

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The Funeral

Find out about the possible funeral arrangements that can be made.

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Coffin Range

We have a wide range of coffins, caskets and urns.

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Vehicles & Transport

The hearse for the funeral with chauffeur and bearers are an essential part of our service to you.

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Floral & Other Tributes

The gentle beauty of flowers expresses your personal remembrance.

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Our home cooked menus are carefully prepared with fresh ingredients. We have a selection of menus and are happy to customise these for you.

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Funeral Costs

We’ll advise you on the costs likely to be incurred and provide a full written estimate and confirmation of details so you feel confident with the funeral commitment you have arranged.

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A memorial is a lasting symbol of remembrance; a tribute to a life now ended.

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Scattering ashes at sea

A final goodbye, in unique style with your family and friends

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To find out more about our services, call one of our funeral directors in Dorset. Please view our branches here.