povertyAs a company we recognise that funerals can sometimes be expensive and we have signed the Fair Funeral Pledge to help families find funerals that are within their means and to be open about our most affordable options during our initial conversation with families, within our price lists and published on our web site, which include third party costs (also known as disbursements).

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Our Simple Funeral Service Price List June, 2018

The specification for a Simple Funeral is as follows:

  • Provision of the Funeral Director’s Services.
  • Attending to all of the necessary arrangements.
  • Provision of the necessary staff to transport the coffin.
  • Provision for you to select the coffin of your choice.
  • Transfer of the deceased from the place of death within a twenty mile radius during normal office hours.
  • Care of the deceased prior to the funeral.
  • Provision of a hearse to the nearest crematorium.
  • Provision of two bearers

This specification excludes specifically the following services:

  • (i)         Viewing of the deceased.
  • (ii)        Provision of a limousine.
  • (ii)       Embalming

To download our Simple Price list, please click here.


Poole Crematorium Fees                                                 783.00
Doctor’s Fees (Cremation Certificates, if required)        164.00
Minister or Celebrants Fee (If required)                          205.00
Total advanced payment                                            £  1152.00

Your Timber or Eco-coffin choice is then added to this cost.