Royal British Lunches – Sponsored by the Douch Family Group of Funeral Directors

30th March 2017

We are very proud to be offering sponsorship to several Dorset based Royal British Legions at an event called ‘Eat & Meet’.  This event originated at the Broadstone RBL with the purpose of bringing together individuals who are on their own and would like the opportunity to meet others in a friendly environment.  Members and non-members are welcome.   For all members our local branch offer a £3 per head subsidy.

Currently being held at:

Broadstone RBL sponsored by ‘Lesley Shand Funeral Services’.

Swanage RBL sponsored by ‘James Smith Funeral Directors Swanage Ltd’

Ferndown RBL sponsored by ‘A E Jolliffe & Son’

Blandford RBL sponsored by ‘Lesley Shand Funeral Services (Blandford)’

Please contact either ourselves or the relevant Royal British Legion for dates and times.