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Things To Consider When Choosing An Urn

Choosing the right urn for your loved one is an important part of any funeral arrangement. Ensuring that they are properly commemorated with the right urn can be the perfect way to celebrate their memory. Urns can come in all shapes and sizes, so it can be difficult to decide which type of urn is suitable for your loved one.

As local family funeral directors, we have years of experience helping families choose the right urn and service for the deceased. If you are currently making the difficult decision on which urn to choose, then read our guide on things to consider and visit our shop to buy urns online.

How is the urn going to be used?

Everyone is different, and this means that families choose to celebrate their loved ones in their own preferred ways. Choosing the right urn for ashes for the type of service you want to hold is an important consideration. If the urn is going to be on display publicly or privately you might want to look at a display urn. They come in a variety of styles and materials such as crystal urns or metals urns and are a beautiful way of remembering your loved one.

After the service, some families may prefer to have a smaller memorial urn for ashes. And for others, some form of memorial jewellery allows them to have a personal keepsake for the deceased. Urns can also come with candle holders so you can keep the memory of your loved one alight.

Choosing the right style

Urns for ashes are available in a wide variety of styles. Deciding how the urn should look is all about honouring the memory of your loved one. If the urn is going to be on display, you first must choose a design for the urn. At Douch Family Funeral Directors, we stock a wide range of designer urns in a variety of beautiful aesthetics. Urns for ashes are also available in many different materials such as wood, marble, silver, aluminium, and bronze.

The functionality of the urn

Not only do urns vary in their styles and uses, but they also have different functional purposes. This will be unique to each individual, depending on how they want to commemorate their loved one. There are three main types of urns for ashes that you should consider:

  • Permanent or cremation urns – A permanent urn is typically made from stone or metal. This type of urn is more durable and will maintain its structure even in prolonged exposure to natural elements.
  • Biodegradable urnsBiodegradable urns are most often used in burial services. They can go into the ground, or a body of water and the materials will slowly disintegrate. All biodegradable urns use non-toxic materials like wood and are much kinder to the environment. These are becoming a more popular choice for those wishing to have a natural ceremony.
  • Scattering urns for ashesScattering urns for ashes are ideal if you would like to perform a scattering ceremony with your loved one’s ashes. The containers are lightweight and can be transported with ease due to their size. This makes the process of scattering ashes much easier.

As a permanent designer urn will differ so much from a scattering urn for ashes it is important to make this decision based on your personal requirements. Keep in mind it can be nice to hold on to some of the ashes to use in memorial jewellery if you are going to use a scattering urn for ashes.

If you are looking for a beautiful designer urn, biodegradable urn or a scattering urn for ashes then browse our Urns & Keepsakes store. Here you can buy urns online and make requests for personalisation. We stock a wide range of urns for ashes in a variety of designs and materials. Get in touch with one of our team at Douch Family Funeral Directors if you would like further assistance on choosing the right urn and service for a loved one. You can call 01202 367 308, email [email protected] or get in touch with one of our local funeral director branches.


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