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How to Support a Grieving Partner or Spouse

If your partner or spouse has recently suffered a bereavement, it can be hard to know what to say. All you want to do is give words of comfort but sometimes providing condolences doesn’t feel enough. It’s natural to feel concerned about saying or doing the wrong thing, you might be anxious that it could make them feel worse. Here we have put together a guide to help those supporting their partner or spouse through the loss of relative, child or friend.

  1. Talk it Through

Reach out and ask them if they want to talk, even if you’re worried about reminding them of their loss. Letting them know that they can talk about it can help them verbalise their feelings. If they don’t feel ready to talk, that’s ok. It’s comforting enough to let them know that you are there when they are ready.

  1. Listen

When they feel ready to talk, give them your full attention and listen. Try not to interject or attempt to solve their problems. Showing that you are a caring shoulder to lean on reminds loved ones that they are not alone.

  1. Show Them Your Love

Showing your love can be as simple as making them a cup of tea or running them a hot bath. Doing things that might seem insignificant for the person you love can be comforting to them in times of despair. Giving a helping hand, affection or pampering them will be appreciated and it won’t be forgotten.

  1. Connect them with Support Groups

Recommending a support group to them could be a push they need to start overcoming their grief. Speaking with partners, friends and family is important and helpful. But some people may find it unexpectedly easier talking to people who have been through a similar loss. If you feel they might benefit from a bereavement support group, we encourage you to invite them to join one of our groups in Dorset.

The support groups are led by Cindy Weller, a local counsellor specialising in bereavement. Cindy is a qualified, accredited counsellor and a member of the National Counselling Society (NCS) and the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

This guide is brought to you by Douch Family Funeral Directors in Dorset. To find out more about joining our bereavement support groups and how we can help you, please contact your nearest branch or like our Facebook page to stay up to date with our grief support groups.



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