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What Happens At A Cremation Service


Making up 75% of funeral services in the UK, cremation services are the most popular choice of funeral. If you are wondering whether a cremation service is right for you, read our blog to learn more about what happens before, during and after a cremation. We also cover why some people may choose a cremation service over a traditional funeral.

Why a cremation service?

Cremation services are a popular funeral service choice in the UK for reasons that are often personal, such as religious considerations, simplicity and flexibility. With a cremation service, you can move away from more traditional funerals to create a personalised way to celebrate the life of someone special to you. They give you the option to scatter or bury the ashes of a loved one in their favourite place, or keep them with you. Whatever the reasons you may choose a cremation service, it is reassuring to know exactly what it involves and how it can be tailored to fit your requirements.

Before the cremation service

Before the service, depending on your package choices, the funeral director may meet you at your home with transport for you and your family or meet you at the ceremony room. Before the cremation, you may choose to place personal items into the coffin of your loved one, including but not limited to:

  • Soft toys or blankets
  • Wooden rosary beads
  • Written messages
  • Books
  • Flowers
  • Jewellery

If you would like to do this but are unsure which items are allowed, contact your local funeral director, who will be happy to advise you. Items that cannot be cremated will be taken out and returned to the family or friends after the service.

During the cremation service

Like other funeral services, cremation services can follow either religious or non-religious proceedings and can be arranged as part of a funeral package. It could also be an unattended cremation – a cremation without a service included, meaning you can have a memorial service at a different time or location to celebrate in a way that is personalised to your loved one.

Most crematoriums offer an extendable service time of 30 minutes, and the whole funeral service can be held there or at an alternative venue beforehand. An officiant will lead the cremation service, often including eulogies, music and readings chosen by the family or close friend, and then the coffin will be taken to be cremated.

Following the cremation service

Following cremation services, the family may leave the crematorium first or choose to stay for a few moments of private time. Depending on what the family or loved ones decide, there might be a wake planned for after the cremation service. If the family chose to use transport provided by the funeral director, they can be taken to a social gathering or back home.

The cremated remains will be collected within a couple of days after the cremation however the funeral director can request for them to be collected the same day or next working day, if anticipated by the family. The crematorium provides the ashes in a paper bag sealed inside a box with the deceased name printed on, the ashes can be stored in this box or in an urn of your choice. There are many different styles of urns including traditional ceramic urns, jewellery, scattering tubes or keepsakes. Talk to your funeral director about the options available to you or browse our urns and keepsake website.

With the remains, a Certificate of Cremation must be provided as a legal document. After you have received the remains of your family or friend, it is up to you how you wish to memorialise or celebrate them. Whether that be by scattering the ashes or by marking a plot with a memorial so there is a place to visit and remember them by.

To find out more about arranging a cremation, get in touch with Douch Family Funeral Directors in Dorset. We provide dignified cremation services throughout Dorset and also provide pre-paid funeral plans for people who wish to take away the financial burden of a funeral from their loved ones.

Our funeral packages can take the stress out of arranging a funeral, from the flowers to the service and how to pay for it. If you have recently lost someone, we are here to talk whatever the hour of day or night, and we can support you by providing help and advice during this difficult time. So, if you need us, call us on 01202 367 307.

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