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If your relative or friend dies while they are overseas, get in touch with us straight away. We’ll take care of everything and arrange for them to be brought back home as soon as possible.

Bringing the deceased back home (repatriation) can be an involved process but we’ll make sure all the appropriate paperwork is completed, including:

  • A death certificate registering the death according to the local regulations (or an authorisation to repatriate the deceased)
  • An authenticated translation of the death certificate, showing cause of death
  • Certificate of No Liability to Register (from the Registrar in England and Wales)

If you decide on a cremation we’ll also arrange:

  • A cremation order from the Home Office or a Cremation Form 6 from the coroner
  • Application for cremation, Form 1
  • All original documentation from the country where death occurred
  • Translation of documents if necessary